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Newbie problem deploying agents

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Hi guys! I am brand new to Kaseya, and this is my first post.

What a product. It's complex and I'm sure it's going to be great for my company, but I must admit, I'm having some first-day frustrations.

I've been through the first half-dozen computer based training modules, which I'm sure isn't enough, but I want to do what I would consider to be the most basic function of the whole system...but can't get it to work!

I have a 10-computer LAN (workgroup), and have deployed an agent manually to a 2003 server successfully. I've used LAN watch to scan the network and identify the computers on it.

I want to automatically deploy agents from my license pool to the other 9 stations. However, each time I try, I get a message in the status area that refers to error #1312, which seems to be credential-related.

Since it's a workgroup, the username and password are the same on all 9 machines I'm trying to automatically deploy to. Where am I going wrong, and are there any resources I could skip to that more closely match my scenario, than what I've found? 

Any help would be awesome, and thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Dave, welcome to the community.

    Not an error I'm familiar with but looks like a password problem somewhere along the way.  

    Are you using the Install Agents menu to do this?  Have you checked that the account you're using has admin rights on the machines?  This can be a problem if not.

  • Hi Dave, welcome!

    Alistair is correct about checking that user account.

    The easiest way to check all of the setup is to connect to the admin$ share, so at the machine you are deploying from do start->run \\<machinename you're deploying to>\admin$ - you should be prompted for authentication. Here is where you want to be careful. If you're in a workgroup situation you're authenticating to that local machine, so just make sure that the username password is <machinename you're deploying to>\administrator  and then the password. Remember that when the agents are being deployed inside kaseya to use this same machinename-username nonclementure.

    This simple test should let you know if you have anything blocking the connection and that the networking is all ok, stuff like name resolution, authentication, but also that the share is there and not being stopped by local firewall or AV.

    If you are still stuck after trying these things, raise a ticket and they can send you more trouble shooting techniques to try.

    Don't worry once you've figured it out one, you'll find it easy after that!

  • Support probably already sent you something, but in case others find this thread, this is a useful TS guide: community.kaseya.com/.../219.aspx

    Thanks Lisa Kelly for sending.

  • Hi Dave, Best you can do is to create identical credential for all machines only to set as VSA credentials. Here are the steps:

    1. go to Remote Control > Control Machine > Reset password .

    2. Create an identical user name and password for all machines.

    3. Assign as Kaseya credentials on Agent > set credentials. test to make sure successful.

    4. Install agent on these using same credentials.

    Hope this will help.