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Branding the system tray Icon

  • I seem to be having some serious problems with our branding for kaseya. We are trying to make a system tray agent icon and everyhting we make and upload looks like garbage. Its all pixelated and VERY hard toread. I dont under stand how all the other system tray icons or even the kaseya default looks hig res and beautiful. I have tried creating the icons in lots of different programs (GIMP, Photoshop, etc) and I have tried different sizes and qualities.


    Has anyone else had this issue or does anyone have any suggestions for me so I can get a decent high res icon for the sstem tray?

  • We had someone create a custom icon for us and his price was pretty good. Took some trial and error but now the icon looks perfect. He should be able to do it rather quick this time around.

    His name is Boy Rusli (boy.rusli@gmail.com). Mention you got his contact info from me.

  • Thank you!

  • Could you maybe email me a screenshot of what your Icons look like? lclark@bytescomputer.com

  • help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm

    The important thing is to stick to the size and colour limits, as the same icon is used across multiple OS versions and resolution settings, so it supports the lowest common denominator in order to maintain compatibility. Because the size is so small 32x32 you can't really put words or anything too detailed in it. The best thing to do is keep it really simple, with few colours, and that will help the clarity.

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