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Goodbye from the master

  • Hey everyone,

    Not sure if anyone noticed but I haven't been lurking in these forums for a few weeks now. My new job is for an organization where Kaseya is not in use.

    Just writing to quickly say goodbye. It's been a pleasure and if any of you are ever in Wellington email chris.curtis48@gmail.com for a free beer!


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  • Hi Chris,

    Take care! I will keep the beer in mind :)


  • Chris,

    Best of luck with your new organization. Who knows, maybe you can get them to invest in Kaseya and we'll see you again!


  • Chris

    It's a bloody long way away but for a free beer I could take that journey...

    All the best in your new job.  Let us know what it's like on the bright side!!!!


  • May the Force be with you.....

    Best of luck...

  • Take care and good luck to you!

  • Thanks for being here Chris!  Its been a fun 2.5 years since you joined this community.  Thanks for your conviction, your commentary, your knowledge sharing, and your time!  

    Best of luck to you!  

  • See you round Chris, good luck in your new surroundings

  • Best of Luck!

  • Sent you an email, I'll be there for that beer as soon as I can! Thanks for all your contributions to the forum over the past few years, I really hope you can convince the next place to start using Kaseya and we can get you back on here!

  • Chris, Wellington as in WPB? Not to far for a beer...

  • Out of interest is the a competitor's product at the new organisation?

  • i know im late to this . But it's a bummer your not around any more

  • @GM Sorry to hear that, hope you will come back soon Smile

  • Not looking likely I'm afraid. I just popped my head in today and this post will complete my mission for today (5 latest posts all with my logo). Damn I miss this forum!