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Network Discovery and v6.3

  • Hello all,


    We are planning to upgrade from v6.2 to v6.3 this Tuesday. Hoping all goes smoothly. I understand that Discovery KDIS (Network) in v6.3 replaces Network Discovery and LAN Watch from v6.2.  I was watching the recorded Tech Jam this weekend (great that was available!).  I have two questions...


    1) If we currently have Collectors installed in Network Discovery in v6.2, do we first need to uninstall them prior to upgrading to v6.3?  If not, what happens to them?


    2) If we currently have LAN Watch Scans created and scheduled in v6.2, are those automatically carried over into KDIS in v6.3? 


    Thanks in advance.




  • Lloyd,

    Did you ever get any answers to these questions?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    What I do know (re #2) is that scanLANxxxxxxx is still scheduled on a bunch of machines!

    this SQL snippet will list them easily:












    WHERE scriptname LIKE '%scanlan%'

    ORDER BY scriptname


    So I guess I can take that list and go through, cancelling each one manually, but it'd sure be nice if there was an easier way.  I kinda thought the upgrade process would do something useful with them!