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Managing software deployments in an organisation

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We are a web development house, and each users machine, be it developer, project manager etc, does not have admin access, and is managed by our IT department using standard Windows policies under a managed environment.

What I'm looking for clarity with out of this product suite, is can we have developers operate with admin access, but still deploy software updates etc using this software? I would assume that the user (with admin access) could shutdown the agent?? If so, would the software alert IT that someone had shutdown that agent? Does it allow to "force" policies on a user even thought they have admin access??

Thanks for the help.

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  • Did you mean to say "have developers operate WITHOUT admin access".

    Regardless, Kaseya runs with its own set of credentials.  So the user can have limited access while the Kaseya service runs as an admin.  This allows Kaseya to install applications, updates, etc without the user having to have admin credentials.

    Kaseya can alert you when an agent has not checked in.  You can also make it really difficult for an end user to shut down the agent by configuring the agent to not appear in the status bar, hiding the install directory, etc.  However, if the user knows what they're doing and wants to hack the registry to disable the agent they could probably still do it.  Even so, that is more of an issue around User Policy.  If you are the person responsible for maintaining the environment then the employees have to let you do your job, if they don't then it's probably time to get management involved (IMO).