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Issues after 6.3 udpate

  • After the update from 6.2 to 6.3 we have a couple major issues.


    Ticket CS145435

    Agent's don't update to agent version -  The update agent script starts, but never finishes.  Also, when installing "new" agentsm It installs the old version. Kaseya so far has asked us to try and deploy the agent slowly. 10 at a time in an interval. 

    THIS ISN'T HELPING THE AGENTS DONT DEPLOY!!! Comon man!! The agents don't deploy at all.. even trying to do it one at a time! HELP!!!


    Ticket CS145592

    There is no  outbound email after update. All email is queued but never makes it to SMTP server.

    Kaseya tech asked us to add authentication to the SMTP server settings.

    We did this, but it doesn't help. We had been relaying off of "localhost" with no auth in 6.2. There suggestion hasn't helped..


    I'm starting to wonder why I pay so much  $$$  for support and maintenance.


    Another issue.. We never used "service desk". Now it has taken over the "ticketing" tab in live connect.... ugh. W-T-*?

  • more tickets opened

    1. Can not manage any Policies from Policy managent.

    2. Alerts aren't creating tickets like they should, all alert genertated tickets are stuck in "processing".

    3.. NOW we are getting "Not enough system resources" and get kicked from kaseya, and can't login at all.

    Just got off the phone with kaseya rep. Kaseya rep said someone would call me in an hour.. same thing they said 3 hours ago, however NO ONE HAS CALLED

  • Wow..

    After many freaky issues, Kaseya Support finally got us fixed up. Still not sure what the root cause was.. This screen shot is one of the things they did after discovering the issue:

  • @myarch-man - Glad we were able to get things in order for you. Keep us posted from here if needed. Yes

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  • Day 2 after upgrade...

    No machines are displaying in agent procedures, we receive a timeout message "Error loading schedule procedure grid. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding."

    KES doesn't seem to install from local server anymore. I am having to install from KServer for it to show as a pending procedure on a machine.