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Paged pool memory issue.

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Since the Kserver 6.3 upgrade, we continue to have multiple servers across multiple customers alert that they can no longer allocate from the paged pool.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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  • We experienced this same issue across multiple clients with 2003 server.

    Issue was there was a bunch of orphaned Perfmon counters.

    Solution was to log in, launch perfmon and delete the RED/disconnected counters.

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  • Daniel - did this permanently fix the issue?  

    I also am running into this problem to the point that servers are freezing and locking up..  A lot of these servers are also running to many "roles" and lack resource.

    A fix I have applied that has worked on 90% of them is a registry change from Microsoft

    ( support.microsoft.com/.../312362 ) - We set the Pool Usage between 40-60..  

    I am currently in the process of making a "lighter" perfmon set for these servers to see if that also "assists"