I have a question on how the new Labels View works.  On 6.2 I have an agent procedure that run a WMI query to identify auto start services and then populates custom fields to Identify server roles. But not give me false positive alerts when the services are disabled.

For example I detect the exchange services which set a flag to ID the Exchange Role.  I then have a view set to identify the custom field and a monitor policy to alert if the services are not running.

When I migrate to a new Exchange server I usually shutdown the old Exchange Services for several days to identify problems.  

If I do this with the new Label View thing is it going to recognize that the service is shut down on purpose or and I going to get a lot of alerts saying the Exchange services are not running. I do not want to suspen the agant or any other alarms.  My WMI procedure detects this correctly.

I am trying to decide if I should change my policies to use the new views for roles or just stick with my old way of doing things.