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Managing credentials in Kaseya 6.3

  • Now that we've upgraded to Kaseya 6.3, I am struggling to understand how to use the credentials policies now found in both the Discovery module (Discovery-->LAN Watch by Network-->Agent Deployment Policy) and the Audit mddule (Audit-->Asset-->Manage Credentials).   Are we supposed to set the credentials manually for every network segment we are scanning in the Discovery module, or for every customer in the Audit module?  Are there any provisions for more universal policies? 

    Currently, we use one universal agent credential across all of our customers, and we roll that password frequently.  We create the account and manage its password using the Remote Control module.  (Remote Control -->Desktop Control-->Reset password), then set the agent credentials for all agents in one pass under the Agents module (Agent-->Configure Agents-->Set Credential).  Rolling the passwords for all customers/agents takes about ten minutes.

    When the Policy Management module appeared, we created one policy to set the agent credential there.  And even though we had to apply that policy to every customer individually, rolling the password meant changing the password in just one policy.  

    Did I miss something?  How do I manage the credentials in the Discovery and Audit modules without opening each of them up individually and changing them? 



  • I am also very interested in an answer. Same thing here.

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  • I have same question...basically..is that one credential the same across all modules (even KSDU).

    Right now I have been trying to set the credentials in the Audit for a specific test Org...then what I did was use a new Policy that would set the Org Default (which I configured) and then I applied that policy to the Org which in theory should change the agent credential for Everything (agents, KSDU, etc)

    Is this incorrect assumption?