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6.3 Upgrade Time

  • Anyone know how long it's taking to get the upgrade after you make the request?

    I got the notification yesterday logging into the server, followed the link to the page to request the update, got the auto reply email saying I'd be contacted soon with the upgrade info and that's been it. I'd assume they're pretty busy with 6.3 rolling out but was wondering what kind of a wait I should expect.



  • I received my followup email about 15 minutes after the initial request.

    Maybe lodge another one and see what happens.

  • Guess I caught them at a busy time. I received the upgrade yesterday. Everything went fairly smoothly, had to reinstall the schema twice, but looks like everything is up and running correctly.

  • Took a couple days for me. However, I upgraded late last night, and since the upgrade finished, my network bandwidth has been completely saturated... I'm thinking I missed something in the release notes or something. I'm reapplying the schema right now, I'll let you know how it goes.

  • After about 5 e-mails and about 2 days shy of two weeks, i finally got my download link!