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Asset management in K6.3

  • Just testing K6.3, and from what I can see, the ability to add a network device as an "asset" has no real advantage other than being included in a report. 

    I need to be able to assign information to an asset, e.g login details, support info, anything, like you can create a custom field on an agent, and fill in custom audit info.

    Is this possible? or have I actually hit the nail on the head in my opening comment?

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  • If you go under the Audit module you can select a device and store credentials against it. Although its not yet open season on what info you can store against an asset directly, this item was the most requested for network devices etc and therefore the priority.

    If you use Kaseya Service Desk then you will notice that all Assets appear in the asset register so you can raise tickets, go through a support process and do all the same activities workflow wise as any other managed device: http://www.screencast.com/t/w1er8xYlaoxw

    Now that the Device and Asset context exists within Kaseya and the structure it will be leveraged further in future to bring in more Asset Management features.

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