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  • I paid a lot for my Kaseya software. I pay a lot for maintenance for my Kaseya software. And I spend more time trying to get it to work as advertised. You need to take months of classes for each module and then when you think you know the software inside out, it simply doesnt work. Reporting, patching, software deploy and update, imaging, service desk. You name it and it doesnt work properly, even simple anti-virus software is turned into a problem. Just venting I love the idea of Kaseya, but things must get better. I need a fulltime tech just to deal with Kaseya issues.

  • Hey most of us have felt just like you on a bad day. I am a one man show with 285 machines and 4 physical locations. I just want it to work also. Remember that It is worth it. KAV upgrade has been a pain lately, but stuff gets sorted out eventually.

    Let me know if I can help. Been with Kaseya for a little over 2 years

  • I think most have had the same frustrations, If I can help please let me know.  In general this forum is a good start for most issues.

  • As above. :)

  • Not sure how long you have been using Kaseya but I know how you feel.  From using the product for more than 5 years there have been a few times where it gets frustrating and every time it has been either a configuration issue or deploying a new module when it first came out.  After a few weeks of pain it is a great feeling when it is all working as it should.  I don't think any product out there will be painless to manage.   I complain about support team a lot but  the product overall is great and works well.  Proper planning and configuration is Key so it is possible it is taking a lot of time to manage because possibly it is configuration or setup.

    Feel free to send private email if you wish to discuss or vent :)

  • Anything specific you are having issues with?  For my the most part I usually don't have any major problems with the system but support for add-on modules can be non-existent and times and maybe times they release modules before they are ready for public consumption.

  • I can understand your thoughts. I am new to Kaseya and I find there is a lot to learn. What I have found to be the most frustrating is the lack of support from support. Kaseya was more than ahppy to sell me a product, but don't seem to stand behind it once they make the sale. I was the person who recommended Kaseya and I am quickly regretting my choice.

  • @Rjosephs - I'm very sorry you been frustrated with support. I'd appreciate the opportunity to have someone review some of your tickets to see what's been happening.

    Please email me a few ticket numbers or your customer ID.

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