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VPN troubleshooting

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I am using a VPN for remotely managing another network (client network). However the VPN has been unstable. It will periodically cease working. The web interface states that the two computers are still connected, but no traffic will pass.

The only solution that has worked so far is to stop the vpn via web interface, disable the nic, enable the nic, re-enable the VPN, and the re-add my routes (I have opted not to make them persist as I will be handing this off once their new network is completed).

Their new network is isolated, with our server being the only present link to the outside world. (it has the internal facing nic as primary and the world facing nic as secondary, with a static route added so it can find kaseya).

I was wondering what sort of logging Kaseya has so I can try to determine if the issue is my end, the remote end, Kaseya, or the remote end's outward facing network.

Remote desktop works consistently (just INCREDIBLY SLOW), and when VPN is working, it is incredibly easy to do my remote administration. The VPN connection time is anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It is a large network and I am trying to setup monitoring software/configure network devices. It is very annoying when I lose connection.

Anyway, logs, where are they? Or hell, if someone wants to help me troubleshoot, I'm ok with that too.


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  • Hi Sam,

    What sort of routers are you using for creating the VPN? Off the bat I can tell you you can use Kaseya for uptime monitoring etc. of the VPN link but it sounds like that isn't what is required here.

    I would start having a dig through the VPN tunnel logs and see if you can find out what is going on from there. Feel free to post the logs from both sites of the tunnel in here if you like.

  • NB - I would probably clean up any public IP addresses from the logs for security reasons, but please leave internal IPs in as this may be helpful.

  • I am using Kaseya's agents for the VPN, the client will not allow a hardware VPN solution nor open a port in the firewall, so my laptop to the remote server.

    internal network is using with a "very large" amount of subnets within that network (most is p2p router to router). Kaseya's VPN is using (remote server) and (me). The server is literally the only device currently on the network with access to the internet. (actually, it is also the only host on the network, network is still "under construction").

    The VPN works as intended when it is up, but it does not stay up consistently

    But here is a snippet of today's login log from an application I am using. (I have not voluntarily logged out, ever). Best I can do for timestamps of connected/down.