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Kaseya Server performance

  • I am running into an issue where my Kaseya agents will not check in throughout the day, one minute I will have all my agents online, and the next minute I will have zero agents online.  I logged into the Kaseya server and noticed that during these times, typical business hours, my cpu usage is steady between 98%-100%.  When I come in every morning we are around 40% cpu usage, I have a case open with tech support already, but I wanted to get others input to see if anyone has been able to resolve this issue on their own.

    Kaseya server : VM Windows Server 2008 64 bit : Dual Xeon 2.33 GHz : 12 GB ram

    SQL and Kaseya run on this server.

    Any thoughts?



  • How many agents do you have checking in?  What version of Kserver.exe are you running?  Have you checked to see if any procedures are being run around the same time as the CPU spike?  What process is spiking the CPU?

  • Tony, are you running everything under the c:\ partition? and how many agents are you managing from this server?

    Without any other knowledge I'd recommend keeping your sql database on a different partion of your OS, and your db temp files on a separate partion as well. so something like:

    OS = c:\     DB (Ksubscribers) = D:\     TempDB = E:\

    the os is say 100GB,   database drive is 100-200 GB,   and tempDB around 10GB to 20GB

    this will help with your Disk I/O and will help keep your SQL from taking up all the ram for the tempDB

  • IT also looks like you're running in a VM. Which product (Microsoft, Citrix, or VMware?). Also, what is your processor allocation for this virtual? What type of Hard drives do you have (SAS or SATA), and how many? How many agent are you hosting right now? How much RAM do you have allocated to SQL? How many of the virtual CPU's are allocated to SQL?

    There's even more to look at, but lets start with this.