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Has anyone hired a developer for custom reporting? Can i get some feedback?

  • Hi Ladies and Gents,

    As you may have seen, I've posted a bit around here showing off some of the crazy SQL Queries i've had to right to pull out some nice information in Kaseya

    I've got it to the point now where i can produce a 15 page monthly report for customers on everything from Patching to Performance, all 100 percent accurate, all very sharp and dynamic. 

    The problem is, each report takes half an hour at least. 

    The second problem is, because it's all Excel driven and connects back to the database, Excel doesn't always play nice with Pivot tables and changing data. For example, if i add one workstation or server to our VSA, i almost have to always rebuild the pivot tables.

    Anyway, off track, the time has come where i need those results, but i need them auto generated. My company is looking to hire a developer to build our own custom reporting app. 

    Has anyone done this? What was the skill set you hired for? What technology did you use? 

    My immediate train of thought is i want a custom app or module built, that will take in a bunch of SQL queries, run then, and populate the results into an Excel doc, then run a Macro or something out to existing word templates or something? I've seen it done, hell i've done it my self small scale, but nothing like this

    Any advice from MSP's hiring developers? Even if not for reporting, what about dashboard development? 

    Cheers all, Mark,

  • Hi Mark

    I've used many of your SQL queries and would be interested in what you end up creating.  We're all to aware that the reports within Kaseya are simply too basic and we've also got people working on creating better.  We've put this on hold for the time being due to the imminent (throw us a bone here Kaseya - a rough ETA would be nice) release of 6.3 and the new and improved reporting engine.

    We've got a SQL dev in-house who has done some fantastic things that have linked data across to SharePoint or just Reporting Services but at the moment we're waiting to see what comes from Kaseya.  We will develop things further as we want to send data from our other systems but it would be nice to know what's happening.

  • talked to the brightguage guys?


  • My thoughts are:

    1. Use a 3rd party (like bright gauge, or connectsmart) who already has a good library of general reports that you can use.
    2. Hire someone (or use someone already in house) with decent report writing skills, and has a lot of potenetial to grow this skill set.

    I chose option #2 because I have found this person is doing a lot more for me than just writing reports as I need them. So the return on investment has been very high for us.

  • Totally agree with David.  I've spoken to the BrightGauge guys and they have a good offering which I guess suits smaller MSP's but the number of customers we have means that hiring a dev works out much cheaper.  We have an in-house resource who we can use a lot of his time and is now familiar with the db and together we're creating some really useful information.  It's not until you start looking into what else you want that you realise what else you can actually do.

  • @Alistair, I'm genuinely honored that you've used some of my queries, thank you, they are being modified all the time so i'll keep posting them. It might be a little out of date, but i wrote an article on how to connect your database to Excel, import the queries, and then build the pivot tables. We are literally, every single month, refreshing the data in Excel, pivoting per customer, and copying and pasting to Word 2010. I've plugged it before, it kind of died a slow death because i got lazy. http://simpleit.tumblr.com/ 

    I have no issue hiring someone to do this if it made commercial sense, but the cost of circa 50k a year to get someone in to do it is hard to justify when i'm doing it myself.

    The problem i have with what i am currently doing is that for every customer we bring on, it breaks the data set (technical problem with Excel or something i'm not understanding) and the more customers we bring on, the longer it takes to do monthly reporting. We have a dozen or so really good customers now, what about when we have 100?

    In an ideal world, i'd love a custom web page built internally, with a button i could click, and a box to enter all my SQL Queries, that would dynamically create the query based on a defined customer, or all customers one by one. When it gets those queries, it exports the data set to what ever format i want, Excel, Word or whatever. In a different life i created something like this, i know you can do all of that in .net but i wouldn't have the skill to do it. 

    I'll talk to the  Bright Gauge guys and see what they say, i liked the look of their website, i like the integration with Kaseya, if they could do something based on the queries i've written + use their own stuff, it looks like it could be a winner.  

    I think i'm edging towards Davids suggestion to hire someone internally, the hiring decision will be balanced again a young keen dev for cheap vs an experienced dev for more money, hard call to make. 

    Good feedback guys, thanks a lot :) 

    Enjoy the day / evening 

  • Mark,

    Hope all is well.  This is Brian Dosal from BrightGauge.  Just an update, you can copy/paste your already made SQL Queries into our Custom Gauge Builder and just format the query in a way so we apply the visuals to all your clients.  Should take less than 20 minutes to get it working and you can send these visuals to your clients monthly, weekly, etc which will take seconds to set up.  And we'll help make sure the queries work well.  

    Feel free to email me if you want to see more of what I'm talking about. Pretty powerful technology we just built out with this.  bdosal[at]brightgauge[dot]com

    Hope that helps!


  • Hi Brian,

    I flicked you an email, that almost sounds too good to be true! We'll talk through email but if that feature at a minimum works i'm sure this will do exactly what i want. Hope you got my email, we will talk soon no doubt. I'm keen to get this up and running asap :)

    Cheers Mark.

  • for the referal, I want a copy of all the sql scripts..lol

  • Mark B,

    I haven't gotten the email yet.  Weird...   If you want to "request a demo" through the site that'll copy me as well.  

    Mark H, well deserved!

    Brian D.

  • @ Mark.Hodges, could you PM me your details and i'll email all of them through, if you search SQL on the forums you'll pick most of them up.

    I'm doing to write manual for them all and share them soon enough just need to find the time.

    @ Brian, I'll do what you suggested, that makes sense

    Thanks guys, looking forward to working with you Brian

  • @Mark - you  might also want to reach out to the guys at mspheaven.com as I know they do a bit of reporting stuff.

  • I can create what ever you want.

    Let me know. :-)

  • Mark

    Im new to the Kaseya community so please forgice my "newbie" question --- these reports you mention and the work you have done to customize them; have you put these into the Kaseya eco-system for others to use? If so, can you please direct me?

    We are evaluating Tableau for creating realtime reports; do you know of them?

  • We sell the Enfusion module which includes additional real time reports