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Deploying updated versions of Adobe Reader, Firefox, etc.

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I'm brand new to Kaseya, so please forgive my stumbling first steps in trying to learn how to use it and this forum.  If this isn't the best place in which to post my questions, please let me know what is.

I'd like to know if it's possible, and if so the best way, to post updates to such common programs as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc., to the computers in a lab I oversee.  The client machines are running WinXP and Win7.  The problem I'm encountering is that the installation "program" offered by the vendor is in fact a downloader, which retrieves and executes the actual installation package.  When I write a script using this downloader, the script executes successfully - or seems to - but nothing changes on the client machine.  The software is not updated.

A possibly related problem is that most of these packages have wizards that require input from the administrator in order to complete the installation.  How does one handle this?

I've viewed the instructional videos in the Kaseya Learning Center and read the associated PDF documents, but haven't found instructions sufficiently detailed to help.  Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Trad A. Non

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  • Hi Trad,

    Adobe Reader, Firefox, Thunderbird and lots more are included in the Kaseya Software and deployment module.

    this is the easiest way to keep your applications up to date.

    the other way is to use agent procedures, however there is no smarts in the agent procedures and they most likely have to be changed to suit new versions of software.

    the software deployment module is running Ninite if you would like a list of what apps it handles.

    you can also use custom exe/msi packages for software that is not listed.

    hope this helps.


  • Lots of great procedures and other stuff can be found here:


  • We were using Ninite well before Kaseya added it to the Modules. I would look into that to perform simple installs without the licensing costs from Kaseya. Ninite Pro is reasonable in price compared. Sure it does not come with all the reporting but with Procedure logs and redirected output to text files it is very easy to work around.