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I'm not sure how this community goes for developers, but I'm considering creating an open source front end for Kaseya for iOS/Android.

Would anyone use it? I'll probably still chip away at something on my own to start with.

Would anyone else be interested in assisting with development? I know there's a paid version (which is overpriced in my opinion) and possibly a kaseya version one day, I would be looking at creating something the community can benefit from at no cost, and extend to cover more 3rd party software that we all use.


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  • It'd definitely be of interest to me - I imagine a lot of our customers would feel good being able to see the state of their machines when out and about.  I'm not sure how much use it'd be to our techs though, as we don't let them out much :)

    I reckon start something on github/sourceforge or whatever, and see how it goes!

  • would love to be kept aware of this

  • I'm no developer and probably couldn't help at all in that area (sorry!), but I'd jump on and use it!  There's been a hundred times I've tried (mostly struggled) to look up or tweak something or run a procedure on my Android phone.  Sure wish VSA ran on a decent phone or a tablet---would really make my life a HUGE amount easier.  We're in the "age of mobility" and the complete lack of productive ability to use anything short of a Windows laptop to remote in, check a ticket, or run a script makes things VERY inconvenient.

  • If it works, I'd pay you for it!

  • FYI... there is a third party mobile app available now.


  • We would use the app and gladly provide feedback.

  • Hi.

    Depends what you mean by front end. I also write an "add on" of sorts for Kaseya, it's a NOC console primarily for putting up on a big screen in your IT office, but also works on mobiles and has some user interaction.

    I've open sourced mine and put it on github - see github.com/.../Kaseya-NOC if you're interested; lets not unnecessarily reinvent the wheel :)

  • 3 year old thread revival! ha

    But yes this is something we would all love to see.

    Craig, your post sounds good and it looks interesting, do you have any screenshots ?


  • Hi  

    The three year old revival is a bit excessive.

    However, you can find 's dashboard and screenshots in the link below: