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Agent Copy Settings bug - Procedure schedules get changed

  • Hi Guys.  This problem was first experienced over a year ago, and I thought it was user error.  Since then I have been able to consistently reproduce this problem.  It is currently being worked by Kaseya Development for a solution.  But, I'd like to know if this is a problem with just my KServer, or a serious bug in Kaseya.  And, if the latter, which I suspect, how come nobody else has noticed this and how come it hasn't been fixed in over a year?

    The problem is simple.  I create a blank agent template and schedule my procedures the way I want them.  Then those settings are copied in one of a couple of different ways.  Either using the Agent -> Copy Settings function, copied during installation of the kaseya agent, or copied during a LAN Watch install.   When the procedure schedules copy they get changed from what the are supposed to be to a different day of the week.

    Here's the details.  This problem occurs every time, without fail, if any procedure is scheduled to run weekly and the time of day to run is scheduled for 6:39pm or later.  Whenever the procedure schedule is copied to another blank template, or a newly installed Agent during deployment the schedule is changed from the day of the week I had set, to the day prior.  i.e. I schedule a script to run weekly, on Wednesday nights, at 8PM.  After the copy, it is scheduled to run on Tuesday nights at 8PM.

    The only time this doesn't occur is when the procedure schedule is copied to an already installed agent.  Therefore, I am forced to allow my initial installation to happen and the scripts to complete and then I am forced to copy the settings AGAIN in order to get the schedules to actually take properly. 

    The problem is easy to reproduce.  Create a blank agent template, schedule a procedure to run weekly at a time after 6:39pm.  Create a NEW blank template.  Copy the agent procedure schedule from the first template to the second template.  Observe that the next run time of your script will be the day of the week prior to what you had actually set.  Wednesday ends up on Tuesday.  Sunday ends up on Saturday, etc.

    I have entertained the idea the time of day threshold might be related to my time zone.  I am in EST (gmt-5) time.  Maybe the time of day that this problem occurs will be different in different time zones.  But, for me, it is consistent.  Procedures scheduled to run before 6:39pm copy properly, schedules at 6:39pm or later get changed.  No other variables seem to effect if it happens or not.  It is consistent based on time of day only, on all recurring weekly procedures.


  • I just tested this. For what it's worth, I am also able to reproduce the problem. Interesting.

  • Also, I noticed it does NOT happen if I schedule with Daily (every 7 days).... it only happens with Weekly.

  • Thank you for your response.  I think that pretty much confirms this is a serious bug in Kaseya.  Being that it was over a year ago I first noticed this, I'm shocked it hasn't been narrowed down and fixed.  Am I the only one that schedules weekly procedures at night? :)