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Alternative packager

  • Hi

    Does anyone know what the app is that Kaseya use for the Packager feature (agent procedures > packager) ?

    We have a need to create this but for a client who doesn't want to use Kaseya on their machines (long story, bad blood i think). 

    Any suggestions as to an alternative? Something that allows us to take a snapshot of a machine, make a load of changes and then take another snapshot, and have the whole thing recreated elsewhere.


  • I am also curious as to what the software is that's used...

  • Actually I did a google for "Software Deployment Software" and found this, which sounds like it has the same functionality.


  • I used to use InCtrl, but it looks like PCMag is charging $7.97 (why???) for the newest version: www.pcmag.com/.../0,2817,2398843,00.asp

  • From my understanding, the Packager tool, kpacker.exe, was built in-house by one of our developers.  The introduction of that tool predates my tenure at Kasyea, but had inquired about it myself a while back.