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Windows 8, and compatibility with Kaseya

  • Hello everyone.  Looks like Microsoft is getting closer to releasing Windows 8 (October, I think). 

    I was wondering if anyone in the Kaseya community (Kaseya inhouse staff, or one of us users/partners) has done any testing with Kaseya with the Windows 8 Preview? If so, did you run into any problems?

    I'm a little behind on this myself, and plan to try some testing using virtual machines soon.

    Thanks in advance.


  • i know some of my collegues already run there workstations on W8 (beta's) and they have no problems with applications and kaseya plugin's like KLC f thats the info you are loooking for

  • After some initial testing in our office, my findings are as follows. WOudl ike to hear about the experiences of others.


    - agent installed fine, yeah!

    - hardware and software audits seem to be running okay

    - Event log monitor seems to be running okay

    - Agent Procedures seem to be running okay

    - VNC remote control worked okay


    Some problems or things that need attention:

    - Live Connect thumbnail and graphs did not display

    - Patch management just shows a dash for patches installed, missing approved patches and missing denied patches. Windows Update in Control Panel on the Windows 8 machine shows 7 important updates available

    - Operating System shows as Windows 7 (all kinds of technical and political reasons this needs to work, I remember when Windows 7 first come out, Kaseya reported it as Vista, and a number of clients questioned the effectiveness of our fancy monitor software that couldn’t even correctly identify the OS)

    - Need an option in Agent Procedures that can selectively run against Windows 8 OS

    - Got a bunch of icons displayed on the Start screen on the Windows 8 machine for Enter VNC Server License, VNC Server, VNC Server User Mode)


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  • just a friendly bump.... to get this thread to appear above all of the "A Happy Customer" posts related to the seeding of the Kaseya Support Rocks forum.

    I didn't want this to get lost. I'd love to hear from others who are testing Windows 8


  • I had a bit of a looksie with the preview of Windows 8 and server 8 as well.. All seemed fine.

    Audit detection is a bit off, but then it's off with SBS 2010 as well (for example, in SBS 2010, "Operating System" still shows as Server 2008) but had no significant operational issues that were deal-breakers. :-)

  • You mean Windows Small Business Server 2011? Its just a collection of standard Microsoft software (Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010 etc) with some SBS wizards and panels. So Kaseya would show these components.

    On Windows 8 RP x64:

    - Live Connect doesn't work with IE10

    - KAM doesnt work

    - KAV doesnt work, don't think Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 will ever support Windows 8?

    - Scripting and agent credentials seems to be working

    I'm also testing how monitoring and KSDU will work. My biggest worry is Anti-Virus and when there will be a Windows 8 compatible version available.

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  • Yep sorry, SBS 2011.

    Whilst it is simply as detailed above (no argument there) it's still a bit irritating. :) - as MS sort of imply SBS 2011 is 'the OS' as opposed to a bundle. Can't fault your argument though and technically of course it *is* simply Server 2008. :-)

    We don't have a test domain, so I couldn't really easily test some of the other features you've mentioned, such as Kaseya in IE 10, KAV etc... I may spin up a machine at home and do some more investigations on that front...

  • KSDU seems to be working and I my basic system performance data collection for 7 seems to be working too in 8 (CPU, RAM, DISK etc).

  • I can verify that the current KAV and KAM will not work with Win8.

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  • Trying to remember this from the K partner summit... but didn't Kaseya say that Win8 support would be in 6.3? Can any 6.3 testers out there check this?

  • hi David Bourgeois,

    the roadmap was updated with informations for Windows 8 ...


  • Please scroll to the bottom of the Roadmap page to see the latest information on Windows 8 support.



    Ray Barber

  • Well look at that, the roadmap has been updated! I was correct that Win8 support will be in 6.3 and forward.

  • I checked in on this topic awhile back and was concerned that Kaseya wasn't saying much but figured they were waiting till they had their story ready and would let us all know just before Win8 GA. Since Win8 goes GA at the end of this week, I'm sort of concerned about the lack of details I'm able to gather and the feeling that Kaseya are taking the position of, wait till 6.3 of kaseya agent is released... Our clients aren't going to wait till 6.3 is released before they buy win8... What are Kaseya recommending that we do till then and do they already have a work around guide which I just haven't found yet which will get us by until 6.3 is released?

    Below is a summary of everything I've been able to find out on the topic of Win8 vs Kaseya

    -Official Kaseya KB article on their stance about Win8 and Server 2012 community.kaseya.com/.../926.aspx

    -I've read that KAV and KAM don't work with Win8

    -Kaseya support have instructed us in the past to disable UAC in order to get a variety of things working. This is no longer possible in Win8 since Win8 UI (metro tiles) don't work if UAC is turned off

    -Win8 appears as Win7 in kaseya which is a problem especially if you are using Policy Manager based on the OS and have discovered that some policy's will cause issues in Win8 so you want to exclude Win8... Is there a simple solution/workaround for this which others have found or Kaseya would like to share?

    -Win8 is only supported in kaseya 6.3 but 6.3 won't be released till early 2013...4mths away...

    I have been testing Kaseya with Win8 for a few months now and haven't had any major issues, but I know my clients are a better test then I ever am and will come across issues I didn't since I work in a clean environment running only the latest software and doing everything by best practise :-) I guess my biggest concern though is with UAC and the amount of time before 6.3 is released which I get the feeling until 6.3 is released we won't be able to get help from Kaseya for Win8...

    Any other links to information Kaseya has officially released in relation to Win8 which aren't already in this thread would be great!

  • +1 for your post Matt.

    Am I now supposed to go to our CTO & sales director and advise we don't sell any copies of Windows 8 until early next year when our hugely expensive RMM system might get upgraded and be able to understand what the OS is?  Trust me he's not going to understand that, so that leaves our frontline support guys open to the barrage of questions from customers when they receive reports.  Perhaps Kaseya will accept a reduction in our maintenance fees for the time between the new OS's arriving and us being able to support them?  Not likely.