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@Kaseya Support - We are IT Pro's too

  • I have often complained about Kaseya support and I have been asked a few times why I get so angry with them and after thinking about it today here is what I came up with.

    Almost every time I log a ticket with them and I generally get a response back with a solution that I have already tried and mentioned in the initial issue description or that does not apply at all to the issue in question.

    I understand that you normally don't take user's information at face value but come on I am no user and many of us here are IT professionals too. In short stop treating us like noobs and treat us more like people who might actually know more then you do.

  • Hear hear! I get this all the time too.

    The sad part is this seems to be an issue with their level 1, 2 and 3 techs which really is frustrating. I do always try to be polite but some days that takes more restraint than others.

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  • Hey, HardKnoX - you may want to quit answering your phone again for a while...    :-)

  • Although I have to agree with you people that mos of us are IT people too, I know what kind of questions you can receive from people claiming to be IT pro's......

    However, in order to make sure that you will not get these 'dumb questions' create a decent service call.....

    As an IT pro, you know how irritating it is when you only get an email saying

    App X, or server Y is not doing what it is supposed to do

    You always want to know a couple of things:

    • What application, server and where in the application;
    • What were you doing;
    • What error message did you get;
    • Are you alone, or are there more persons with this problem;
    • Can you attach a screenshot;
    • What did you expect to see;

    I know, this is a lot of information, but when you only hear:

    It's broken fix it

    Doesn't it just make you want to make the customer wait, or at least ask for more information first? This is what Kaseya support also does.

    I've asked quote a few questions in the last couple of months (worked with Kaseya for 3 years now, but only started administering it since early this year), but when I ask a question, I keep the list that I mentioned in mind and log my ticket that way.

    I hardly get any of these silly questions you guys are talking about, also all responses are usually fast, correct and helpfull.

    My statement is: If you are an IT pro, please act like one and provide the proper information, then you will be treated as an IT pro.

    By the way: No I am not employed by Kaseya....

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  • All good feedback that I will be certain to get to the right folks here.  As you can imagine our support group gets a very very wide range of IT skills from ZERO all the way to IT Ninjas.  This is one of the things that the certification is supposed to help with, which is why I think your feedback is so important HardKnox and Ghettomaster.  

    @Walteij - thanks, your comments are appreciated as well.  And your approach to creating tickets is a GREAT one.  One that any support person at Kaseya or anyway would appreciate I'm sure.  

    @ghettomaster - saw your note....sorry, that's where I get so much humor.  ;)

  • I think part of the problem lies with some of the support staff not being IT Pro's in the sense that a lot of the end users are.  Sure you can do a  Kaseya course but this doesn't make you an expert when it comes to servers, networking etc. Without generalising I often find that problems I have aren't basic ones but the first line support ask me ridiculous questions and at times I have to point them to areas of the application I would hope they would be able to find themselves.  I was asked recently by a support tech how to find a procedure that I was having issues with, the procedure was in a shared location so was accessible but I typed up some instructions on how to find it.  

    Yes, I've been on the receiving end of a users - my servers broken call - and as much as this is a nuisance to deal with often a little investigation will often allow you to understand what they're talking about. Surely we shouldn't need to type up step by step notes how to find a procedure or a report when there is an issue?

    I now try to word my Kaseya tickets as if speaking to an alien who doesn't speak the same language but often this still seems to fly over heads of some support techs.  I also find that often tickets don't appear to be read from top to bottom so if I put in too much information the end of the ticket often appears to go unread.  And don't get me started on trying to get the tech to login to the right one of my servers.... Grrrrrr

    Some of the support team are brilliant and seem capable of using a little common sense though sadly universities around the world seem unable to teach this subject yet so until such times as this is possible we'll need to

  • Alistair,

    Common sense, understanding what you are reading, and basic troubleshooting are features that are rare these days (coming from me, a 35 year young man).

    For a lot of people RTFM (you know the acronym) simply does not work, because they do not follow the instructions in TFM....

    All our new servicedesk employees are tested by me on basic network troubleshooting. Unfortunately only 1 has passed my test (he used to work for an ISP).

    They are also tested on other troubleshooting issues. You do not want to know how many people think either too difficult (and start hacking the registry in stead of just changing the options in the programs).

    At the dutch customer meeting last month, there was a presentation about Kaseya Support. They showed some sceenshots from questions asked.

    Trust me: It is fair to say that Kaseya support does not think every kaseya admin is an IT pro....... It is their right, based on experience and questions asked.

    I think you, zippo, HardKnoX and others (including myself) first check the Kaseya help file and the community before asking a question to support.

    The presentation showed that more than half of the registered tickets can be solved by pointing to the help files in kaseya, another 15% was pointing to a solution in the forums (don't pin me down on the exact numbers). That is a lot. Not everybody knows what they are talking about.

    No, I am not defending kaseya support for asking silly questions to people who raise a support ticket that is harder to solve, but I can understand what is going on there.

    They have grown from 2 users working from their bedroom to a 24*7 support team of more than 50 people located around the world. Sorry if someone asks something stupid every now and then (it could just be a new 1st line support engineer who isn't as experienced with kaseya as you).

  • Hi walteij

    You're a little younger than I am but I've worked with Kaseya now for close to 8 years and trust me the support is exponentially better now than it was back then.  What's funny though is the guys that I eventually got to speak to back then are the same ones I wish I had a hotline to today.

    Looks like we've both seen the same presentation, I certainly saw similar in London a few months back.  Yes there were some daft questions but Kaseya could do a lot to help themselves.  

    You've hit the nail on the head saying we check help and the community first but if the search wasn't so appalling we'd probably get even more answers and bother the support team even less.  I now tend to use Google to search the forum as it's usually more accurate. Also if they published, and kept up to date, a list of the top 10 most frequently asked support calls, or similar, with a link to the fix they could also reduce the level of calls taken by the support team.

    We also have a varying level of customer abilities that we support and where we have someone with a lot of experience, an example that springs to mind is an ex-employee who now works for a customer, we make a note on our CRM system to this effect and it sets the level of customer ability before an engineer starts to describe where the windows key is.

  • @Alistair - I am currently testing an entirely new search engine for the community.  :)  

  • Great news Brendan though this is my personal favourite - www.google.com/.../products_gss.html

    Although this does raise another question in my head.  How many searches does the community get annually?  If this is something you can share.

    I do find that using searches like - ninja site:community.kaseya.com - does work very well in most instances

  • If they getting so may tickets that are so easily solved and /or have so much missing information, then it makes it even HARDER to understand why they do things the way they do. There are two issues here.

    For one thing, you would think that Kaseya would want to make sure that they encourage people to put all of the relevant information into a ticket by making it as easy to do so as possible (eg allow ticket creation via email with attachment, or insure that you can attach pictures and other files to a ticket when creating them), and by actually READING AND ACCURATELY RESPONDING TO WHAT WAS WRITTEN. Like, if I say that I read article ABC123, please don't tell me to read that article. Or if I tell you that I am having a problem with an XP computer, please don't give me instructions for a Windows 7 computer.

    For another thing, I would think that they would have enough respect for those customers who do provide appropriate tickets to respond with appropriate advice or questions, rather than wasting time and resources.

  • @walteij I have spent a good deal of my IT career as a Helpdesk/phone support person so I'm sure I understand the concept of what information is required to create a successful ticket. Smile

    @Brendan Cosgrove Surely there must be more skilled then not skilled as the Kaseya solution is an IT solution? Or could it be there is so many unskilled or lazy people logging tickets that the Kaseya support team has become jaded and lump us all in the same category of noobs?

    @Kayza Kleinman Ditto

    Anyways its my experience that if you are not provided with enough or correct information then you ask the questions that will give you the that information. If the the person who logged the ticket is unable or unwilling to answer the question you then you ask them to show you the problem.

  • I don't think the Support team has become jaded, but I do know there is a very wide variety of tickets, which MAY reflect a wide variety of skills for the submitters.  

  • I’ve been having some bad experiences with support for a while now.

    I’ve definitely had that experience where after the first reply I’m asking “Did you even read my request???”. I try to provide good up-front documentation when creating the ticket. But my best efforts have not solved this problem.

    I think the real issue is the number of tickets I’m creating…

    In my eyes, there’s a lot of bugs in the code. Seems like there needs to be better regression testing and have a more thorough check-out procedure for new code.

    I’m also real frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of the support team.

    For all the tickets I’ve opened, almost all of them go unfixed.

    My most recent issue, albeit a minor one, basically came down to me saying “If I do x,y,z – I get a 500 server error”. The response was basically, “don’t do that”.

    KMDM mobile device support went poorly, but really wasn’t ready for prime time…

    KDS, Directory Services, is broken. That ticket is in dev for a code fix, I believe…

    I have a couple of tickets open for Mac issues. I’ve gotten a couple of patch requests, but they’re pretty sketchy. Point is, there’s some broken features on Mac agents and I’m not seeing where they are being fixed. I have two tickets open for Mac issues and I’m ready to open a third.

    And I have a few other minor anoyances I’d like to address. But I’m afraid to waste the time on them.

    I think my biggest problem is that my boss isn’t happy with how much time I spend on Kaseya.

    Point is, there’s things broken in Kaseya. Maybe support is getting the short end of that stick by dev, but my expectations are not being met…

    Well, just my two cents worth.

  • To add, I would imagine more effort is being applied to the new versions coming out, which would most likely include alot the fixes. THO, Tier1 can be too new to the product.