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  • Hey Brendan - I see we've all gone from being listed as "Most Highest Grand Supreme Ultimate Super-Dooper Being and Master of the Kaseya Multiverse" to "150 Posts". Can you confide the thought process behind this change? Anything to do with trying to stem the increase of SPAM from the lowlife movie monster?

  • Its not a side effect of the spam issue but it is a side effect of a bug in the community software that we recently discovered and patched.  The bug caused a lot of settings to be reset to defaults, in this case ranks.  Its does seem to still have track of post counts and points but the rank hierarchy got hosed. I'll reply here when I think we've got it fixed.

  • Thanks for the info, Brendan. No worries - was just curious. Do you think the bug fix might also cure the disappearing posts issue?

    And thanks to y'all for deleting the spammer's postings so quickly. I know it must be a chore.

  • I would be THRILLED if the bug fix helped with the disappearing posts issues.  It may.  Looks like ranks and such are back, Supreme Master.

  • Oh, suuure. Now I'm about 4,000 or so points lower than I used to be before you guys "debugged" it. Jeeperscreepers. Who'd I tic off over there?

    Hey! Just kidding! Wait!! Where'd my account gooooo........   :-)  

  • I reset some of the weights for activities which may have lowered your numbers a little bit, but shouldn't have changed your rank.

  • Brendan said, " Looks like ranks and such are back, Supreme Master."

    I've decided to show your post to my wife as she seems to have some difficulty applying that title to me. If I don't return you'll know that I failed to convince her of its accuracy...   :-)