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initial audit

  • HI Guys,


    I'm just wondering if and what software people use to do a initial network audit.  I'm starting to offer prospects this service.





  • Hi Steven,

    I suppose it really depends on what you are looking to gain out of the audit?

    From a basic perspective, we tend to gather information based around checklists that we have developed over the years.

    This information stems from the requirements of managing the customer on a day to day basis (who the high priority users are, who has authority to request jobs) that also includes high level technical information (how many users, distro groups, security groups, server roles, etc).

    For the most part we have Kaseya gathering this information and spitting out the results (we are still working on making it look pretty for our internal use but it gets the job done).

    You can find several articles around the forum on gathering this type of information (I'd be happy to assist you further if you wanted to message me directly).

    Thanks Steven.