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looking for a good hosted anti-spam solution

  • we use mxlogic...i mean mcafee...I mean Intel :o)

    they have been pretty good actually...

    Microsoft forefront online as well as Messagelabs (symantec)

  • www.greenviewdata.com/spamstopshere

  • Try Appriver.com.  We use Barracuda but Appriver is a good cloud solution.

  • We use Mx Logic, Mcafee, Intel as well.  It is still known as MX Logic in our house.

  • I would recommend Symantec.

  • We use spamsoap (product of mxlogic). Awesome product with a really easy to use interface and extremely easy to audit messages.

  • We use Reflexion and have  for several years.  I would highly recommend it

  • One thing to keep in mind is that I would say that in 90% of the cases where a company is providing an email filtering service (Reflexion, spamsoap, luxsci,etc) they are essentially resellers of one of the bigger Spam solution providers (with essentially Microsoft, Symantec and Intel being what I'd call the top 3 worldwide)

  • That is the case for spamsoap and luxsci, but Reflexion should not be in that list.  They have their own solution and are not reselling someone elses.

  • Thanks to all for your replies.  I just noticed that none of the notes I put in showed up on the post!  

    One of the key things I am after is an MSP model for billing and reporting, where we could control the client accounts and settings from one portal (rather than have each client sign up directly and have different logins, etc to make any changes.

    We use connectwise so integration would be a good.

  • @Eddy:

    We use GFI MaxMail protection have a look at: www.gfi.com/hosted-email-security

  • Microsoft ForeFront service is great and feature rich and does not need exchange to work. www.microsoft.com/.../default.aspx

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  • Symantec is more appropriate.