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Kaseya Support hassles

  • I am new to Kaseya. only using it for about a month or so.  So far the product itself works great but I am have a huge issue with their support.  Unless I am doing something wrong, it is next to impossible to get one of their support staff on the phone.  It seems I can only create tickets from the support portal or call and have an agent create a ticket for me.  After that most of the communication has been via email.  Plus, I get agents working on my tickets that are in Europe?  WHAT?  I ask for a phone call and I get a 3-4 hour window when they are available because of the time difference.  Has anyone else seeing this?  I created a ticket with  a basic question on how to add a user with the ability to log onto a specific Service Desk and open and close tickets.  That is it, nothing fancy at all.  The support agent is talking about uninstalling the Service Desk feature and I am going on day two of this discussion.  I bet a 5 minute phone call could resolve all of my concerns but its all email to a tech in Europe!  I am almost regretting purchasing the software.  I have friends who are contemplating the same purchase.  This support SNAFU will strongly discourage my recommending this to them.

  • I agree it can sometimes be a bit a frustration you get support from half way across the world. I live in Europe and a lot of my tickets end up in the US office of Kaseya. Ask the support staff to transfer the ticket to someone in your time zone if possible (where are you from?), and try to get him or her on the phone.

  • I am on the East Coast of the US.  I get so frustrated trying to convey technical stuff over email when we should be on the phone.  I did the two day training for Service Desks but it was only 6  hours, nowhere near enough to prepare you for everything it can do.

  • Contact Brendan Cosgrove on these forums and he will handle it for you. He works for Kaseya and often helps us with tickets and such.

  • don't you have access to the portal website? https://portal.kaseya.net  you log support incidents there.  Also include as much information as you can in the ticket that you raise so support knows and understands your problem.  If you can include screenshots, agent names etc.  call support after you updated the ticket with all info and ask them to escalate if its urgent.

    good luck!

  • In my opinion support reacts pretty fine to me. They have office around the world to get a 24/7 support windows to customers and therefore sometimes tickets are handled over the world. When your issue is more complex it definitely will be escalated and travel around. As mentioned by Hans den Boer, do include most of the information you have to support, so they don't have to ask for it.

    For creating a user and/or make settings for this user, you can check the help file. I have not checked myself, but I think is has information on how to setup the account you need. If it's not in the help file, you can even get the SD manual from the kaseya download page...

  • Its as simple as this....its all about money. They don't want to employ more people for support and hence no phone support. I am using Kaseya since v5.1 and its the same thing again and again. They actually make it difficult for you to get phone support. The person who picks up the phone when I call is based in Ireland ( I am in London). He keeps me on the phone for 10 minutes before telling me he will get someone to look into my issue but still no phone call. Someone updates the ticket with a link that is totally irrelevant to my problem  most of the time. It is probably the worst support ever. I thought Labtech support was bad when I switched from them to Kaseya, only to find out that they are no better if not worse.

    They are also thinking of putting up their price for maintenance to 30% if you are not certified.

  • @Dhaval  i don't work @ or for K support but i am a support technician myself so i know a little how it works....we try to get as much information from our customers as we can by email, tickets etc too....I (and my collugues are always very busy) so having a lot of information always helps a great deal.

    as i said in an aerlier reply just add all relevant information into the ticket that save's a lot of time and frustration (for both you and the support people trying to help us)

  • What makes it worse is that you can't even email a ticket. The only way to open a ticket is to do it through the portal. That's annoying enough on a good day (if I need some other folks to be aware that I'm submitting a ticket, email with a cc or bcc is the simplest way to go.) If you need to attach a screen shot, it gets even more exasperating. More often than not, the screen shot that I thought had uploaded properly gets messed up, so we can't move forward till someone from support emails me to please respond with a screen shot. That's NOT what I call decent support.

  • I spent weeks looking at vendors and never saw anything negative about Kaseya.  I guess I didnt do my research too well.  I wont be recommending the product to some local vendors who are looking for this type of software.  How well can they support their clients if they cant get support themselves.  I also have a dept. in my company looking at Kaseya, Big Fix and some others.  Again, no recomendations from me.  

  • We have had good luck with the support at Kaseya.  As mentioned above, the more information you can provide regarding the issue and how to reproduce the problem, the quicker the ticket will be escalated to the proper support engineer to be handled.

    Although I'm not fond of having to create the ticket via the portal, its not a huge hassle.  After you create the ticket, you will receive a confirmation via email. You can reply to the emails with additional notes, screenshots, and updates and don't have to keep going to the portal each time.

    [edited by: sbrown at 11:10 AM (GMT -7) on 6-7-2012] We have had good luck with the support at Kaseya. As mentioned above, the more information you can provide regarding the issue and how to reproduce the problem, the quicker the ticket will be escalated to the proper support engineer to be handled. Although I'm not fond of having to create the ticket via the portal, its not a huge hassle. After you create the ticket, you will receive a confirmation via email. You can reply to the emails with additional notes, screenshots, and updates and don't have to keep going to the portal each time.
  • I can only offer a generalized judgement based on a summary of your situation, but it sounds like the thing to do is to politely request an escalation if you're feeling stonewalled by what should've been a simple question. And if that doesn't work, nudge your rep, again politely.

    My experience, having started out nearly six years ago with the product and dealing with Support, is that in the last year or two they've become immeasurably better than they were before. The trick is that you have to navigate support via the portal first & foremost... and while I understand that's less than ideal, and that "this could be resolved with a phone call" seems like the simplest answer, figure that sometimes it takes time to get the right support person in front of the appropriate ticket. You could make a phone call, get someone who isn't as qualified to handle your specific high-level issue, and then be waiting for a callback later anyway.

    Be detailed, be polite (someone reading this, seeing it come from me, will laugh... I know, I know), be patient. And keep the severity of the issue in mind. Kaseya can't hire an unlimited number of techs, let alone techs qualified to handle the wide & varied array of issues we bring up. So, exercise patience when you can and the various escalation methods when things are Really That Bad.

    And keep your rep up to date on how things are going, if you're in a rough spot. For that matter, tell them when things go right, too... we all know what it's like to feel like all our clients want to do is list their complaints, never their kudos.

  • So we can go on and on about this but I have some important things to say which will make it clear for all of us.

    1. For those who think the support is good or even acceptable, by definition, has lower expectation than those who think the support is really bad.

    2. Point one is true UNLESS, Kaseya treats different customers with different level of support, which means partialism...which I certainly hope isn't the case, but its a fair point to consider when you look at possibilities.

    3. We might be just being dealt with different teams where different teams have different qualities and that is certainly possible and not much we can do about. Having said that, if that is true, any team can't be allowed to provide such crap support as people are complaining about.

    Now to those who think the support is good, just tell me the below experience is good or bad. If you guys (including Kaseya employees and certified admins) think the experience described below is acceptable, well, that's the end of that and I don't know what else to do.

    1. I was looking for a certain article I had read before on wiki and I needed to implement yesterday so I was looking for it. Well, the wiki was down, just take it from me it was down. ONLY then I would go through the hassle of logging the ticket.

    2. Here is my original text of the ticket, logged at 21:00 GMT yesterday.


    Hi there

    I am looking for an article on the wiki that I have read before.

    Its about integrating desktop maintenance script results in reports.

    It basically talks about write specific text in the agent procedure log and then editing the report to look for that text in agent procedure logs.

    The problem is, your wiki says "page you are looking for is not found".

    Can you find me that article? Is your wiki having problems?



    3. Here is the 1st response I got in exactly one hour 14 minutes saying.....


    Hello Dhaval,

    I have tested the Wiki site and it seems to be working fine.

    Could you provide us the link that you are trying to load and we will investigate.


    Kind regards


    Kaseya Support Technician


    4. So I replied to this email with below....


    Hi <Name>

    I logged into the portal and then went to wiki at the end of the page on the left side and it gave me the message that page not found.

    I tried it externally as well from the community site and same result. May be it is working for you guys but not for me.

    Here is your lack of phone support trumps you.

    For a simple issue like this where a 30 second phone call resolve the issue but we will end up doing several emails before you get grasp of the problem.


    and then a further email with....


    K2 (MITSE & EE)

    Here is the link that doesn't work, just in case you are still wondering what is not working since I haven't seen a response from you guys yet of my previous email


    5. Both these responses were within 5 minutes of Kaseya's original response. This was yesterday and I haven't had any response from Kaseya. Now as pointless as they may be, I usually get responses from them. So I went to the portal to see what the hell is going on. Now for those saying "oh you just go to portal only to log the ticket, rest is through email", get this....my last two responses didn't get to kaseya for some reason because they don't appear on the portal and the status of the ticket is still "awaiting user feedback".

    6. Furthermore, the wiki is now working so the actual issue is resolved.

    The reasons I am angry is, Kaseya's ticketing system doesn't work. My emails are fine, every single email I send has read and delivery receipts turned on so I checked those for rest of my sent email and its all good. Only the emails to Kaseya didn't work.

    But even bigger point is, I clearly described the article I was looking for. If they could access the wiki, why did they not just send me the link of the article I was looking for?

    Not only that, if I had not gone to the portal, I would have not figured out that my emails are not getting updated as responses in ticketing portal, for next day or two when they start responding to me saying "oh we are still waiting to hear from you". Now imagine how angry one would feel if you hear this after you sent them two email.

    This is not the first time I have had this issue. Previously as well my emails to them were not updated in their ticketing system.

    So who think this is a good support experience? Don't start generalising or saying oh this is a one off.. just yet but I just want understand how different my expectations are from rest of you or those thinking support is good.

    This is probably the least bad experience I have had.

    I wouldn't mind recommending Kaseya to someone, but I will say don't expect any support and be ready to pay 30% every year for no reason.


  • I had a couple of tickets where I responded via email and they were not updating on the back end.  That just tells me I have to keep using the support portal.  Bummer their own software maintained by themselves is not doing what is promised.  

  • Always interested in a discussion regarding Kaseya support.  Glad to see that Brendan is revolting against those that want this discussion closed down but in fairness he does usually provide a very fair discussion platform

    I've had horror stories over the years but never felt the need to air all of my dirty laundry on the community.  I've never found a perfect support company, I don't think the company I work for do things perfectly, but I am open minded and will accept that things are generally setup for the greater good.  Surely nobody expects a support company to change their methods just to suit them?

    As for Kaseya's support, well it suits me and I'm happy to work the way they do.  I'm also in the UK and if I have a disaster then I'll call the number I have and speak to someone there after I've logged the ticket on the portal.  There are a couple of guys (I'm not mentioning their names as I may need them on the phone but you know who you are guys) there who I am more than happy to get on the other end of the phone as they've been there longer than I've been dealing with Kaseya and can usually fix most problems.  That said I only phone for disasters, the rest of my calls go through the ticketing procedure.  Responses to these tickets is generally quite quick but there is a failing when tickets are passed to certain specialists to look at, other specialists are exceptional with responses, Brande springs to mind on patch management.  If I'm not getting an acceptably quick response then I will make contact with my rep and only on one occasion did I take it higher.  I've also had calls from support personnel in the US, it doesn't always suit me timewise but I know if I want to speak to the top dog then sometimes I need to take that hit.

    I'm curious about a few of your issues Dhaval - If you logged a ticket at 2100 then I guess it would go to the US support team ( I believe there are support teams in UK, US & NZ to cover the 24 hours) though I do wonder with something like looking for a Wiki article why not a quick post on the community.  The Kaseya staff possibly do access this on a local address so it may work for them but not others, I'm pretty sure if you asked the question someone on here could have seen if they were having the same problem, or point you to the article in question.   You also mention that your receipts on emails are all good - If I send an external email I don't expect any accurate receipts to be returned but if I knew email submissions weren't working I certainly wouldn't continue to send those emails.

    Kaseya don't have a perfect support system but if you use it the way that it's designed to be used it just about gets there.  If you're not happy complain to your rep and take up the offers of support that are being offered here.  

    As others have intimated it's better now than it was a couple of years back but I do know that they listen to their customers.  I don't have one of those fancy schmancy KCA badges but I do have a lot of experience so like to think that when I create a ticket it's generally not for something trivial.