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Is it me or is it typically frustrating to try and get support via phone call with Kaseya Support on mid-level issues.  

On the few issues I have had that were critical to busineess operations, I have been able to work with someone in an acceptable time frame.

On low priority issues, I don't have a problem with email exchange until a solution is reached.

My problem is with the issues that are important, but not business critical.  In these cases, it's just much more effecient to schedule a call and get the issue resolved in one call as opposed to exchanging emails back and forth for several days.  I usually end up calling or asking via email repeatedly for a phone call and sometimes get someone to work with me over the phone.  It just seems like I am wasting far too much time on things that would probably be fixed in one phone call.

Does anyone else find this frustrating?

Thanks in advance.

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  • @Dhaval i work very close with the support people in London. I have to say support works great for us.

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  • Hi eperson,

    I must say I have found the opposite to your problem. We have had problems bedding down KPLM and a few tickets have come and gone. At times I have treated these like the issue you had - not mission critical but not low priority.

    At one stage I emailed and said could you please call me on my cell to discuss. I received an email a couple of hours later but when I replied and said 'as per my last email I would rather deal with this by phone' the engineer phoned me and apologised because the only reason he hadn't called was because he didn't notice that I had asked for a call.

    His reading an entire email aside, my point is that in this case escalating from endless emails to a phone call was not a problem. And before Kaseya ask I don't want to give a case number and I don't want him chased up -  I was happy with the service.



  • I found that i can't agree more. Simple issues can go back and forth with email, I am content with that. But i feel like it wastes my time for medium/critical issues to wait for responses. I typically do all of my system updates after hours (surprise, surprise, lol) and i have opened tickets when things went wrong. In these instances I agree and feel that a phone call could stop this ticket from taking 8 hours to complete and instead get done in 15 minutes to 1 hour.

    In these instances i not only explain the issue that i am having but include two phones numbers to contact me at, request a phone contact, and then I wait. When i do get a response, it is an email message back stating i forgot one piece of information, to which i reply with an answer to within 3 minutes of receiving the update, only to have to wait 60 more minutes to get another email back telling me to do something that i had already done (and stated in the notes). Had that tech called me while he was working on the ticket (and not emailed me) we could have resolved the issue much more quickly.

    I have a ticket open right now for something that isn't critical and I don't mind that it has taken 2 days to get a specialist to respond.

    I think that one of the options in the ticket creation should be a "preferred method of contact for this ticket". At least that way you can suggest a phone call in a more noticeable fashion.

    Edit: I would like to say that the support is good and any problems I have had are all resolved. I would just like the option to talk to a real live person if requested.

    [edited by: Matt S. at 7:17 AM (GMT -7) on 4-26-2012] Edit: I would like to say that the support is good and any problems I have had are all resolved. I would just like the option to talk to a real live person if requested.
  • I don't know who you guys are getting through to, but I have never had a question resolved inside of 24 hours and Never had an email from a real person within 12 hours.

    There is no such thing as high priority from my experience - every thing is level three - low priority. Even system down - work stoppage takes days to get someone to Email - only once had a phone call after 2 weeks of emailing answers to irrelevent questions. This is the worst support "program" I have ever dealt with. I would rather talk to someone with broken English. The software is great - when it works. When it dosen't work it is useless. And, if the support program (not the people) can't use the damn phone, the software then is useless. We will go to another vendor when the fee comes around again.

  • Every ticket is different, however I'd be very interested in forwarding your past tickets to our VP of support for review.  Can you send me either the ticket numbers or your company details to my email address below? There is a definitely a priority system in place.  I'm curious to know how you opened the tickets, and to see what the specific issues were.  My understanding that the only time systems down circumstances get bogged down a little is when they need dev to issue a bugfix to resolve.  Last thought, your maintenance fees cover updates not just support access.

  • CS097620

  • ???

  • Today is the 22nd of May and for example.. My KID server is DOWN. I.E. I cannot make an image of a PC so I cannot reimage the 18 PCs i need to reimage to complete todays work, or last week's work for that matter. I opened a case on the 17th (as stated today is the 22nd) Here is a transcript of what has been done (nothing) by support:

    (note is tuesday the 22nd today and not a peep since last week from support)




    Hello Rob,

    We will go ahead and send this ticket over to a KID specialist who will further assist you with this situation.


    Barrington Brown

    Kaseya Support






    NO this is a brand new install of the OS.  There is no 3rd partition. I removed all the partitions and started from scratch. I really need to image 20 PCs, please don't make this resolution take two weeks.






    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support. I have looked at your ticket and this may be caused if the windows partition is not the first or second partition on the disk being cloned (on create or restore). Can you please verify this for us? We will await your response.



    Support Technician





    Ticket created



    Imaging not working to finish source, fails at 98% - can't find sysprep folder



    Goes through the whole process and after final boot of source PC fails - "Cannot find the sysprep directory"

    I can see the folder on the C: drive.. but it aint working

  • Hi

    Kaseya might think I am a troll, but I can't help but post or respond when I see someone else is also having the same issue. It is just so frustrating and ridiculously bad when it comes to Kaseya and support in general let alone phone support.

    As far as I am concerned, the phone support doesn't exist. To me, they have "someone to answer phone calls" and tell customers " I will get someone to look into your issue".

    The whole point of Kaseya is to save time but you end up wasting so much time typing stupid emails.

    They give all sorts of excuse but simple truth is they don't want to spend money on support.

    Half of the issues they get are bug reports and there is usually a hotfix to resolve the issue....which leads me to believe that they get their customers to do their bug finding and fixing...someone from Kaseya can try to prove me wrong on this if they can.

    This guy Brandon Cosgrove is the one that I keep hearing praising and defending of Kaseya support and then there are "kaseya certified admins", well no one can deny the fact that they can be biased because Brandon works for Kaseya and the certified admins get direct phone access to 2nd line support (as I have been told by my account manager). Haven't heard any normal customer sing praises of Kaseya support.

    If Kaseya can tell me exactly how many offices they have world wide for support and how many support staff they have who actually fixes issues instead of putting stupid updates like "your screenshot didn't come through, repost" on tickets, that will be great. (I have had this with every single ticket that required screenshot and I uploaded it with the creation of the ticket and then I have to send them again by email). I don't know about any other country but for UK users, you get through to the Ireland office and from what I know, there is just one guy who is actually good that I can talk to for support issues.

    I have heard excuses like "the phones are not working" to stop me from speaking to him.

    I am so angry about this that if there was a better product out there with better support, I wouldn't mind the cost of switching to a different MSP tool.

    The product is probably the best in the industry but the company and specially their support department is unbelievably hopeless, for me at least.

  • Dhaval - you are well known here at a Kaseya as a customer who doesn't like how we do support, in fact you and I have talked on this subject a number of times and I'm fairly certain you've spoken to our VP of support directly.  I think if you ask you will find plenty of non-certified customers get great support.   Are we perfect?  No, but I think your frustration lies in that we do support differently then you would like us to do it.  For that I am sorry.  

    We are happy to answer the phone when customers call and happy to help with a mix of live conversation and messaging inside the tickets.  

    My suggestion is always to open a ticket in the customer portal first.  Put AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE into that ticket.  Then call our support number, and with the ticket number and the details, screenshots, etc of your issue that person will get your ticket routed properly as quickly as possible.

    Dhaval, if you would like to talk more about this with me, please feel free to call me anytime at the number below or email me.

  • Gotta go with Dhaval on this one. I finally have someone on this case now but since the KID support is only supported by people who know what they are doing in Australia or New Zealand, I would have to start working nights to get more than one email response done per 24 hour period - there is no phone support for KID. My case was opened on 5/17 and today is 6/6 with still no resolution. I was told for better service I needed to become certified at $1800 for the training (I paid 1800 for training when I bought  the product and that was very poor also).

  • Hi Brandon

    As I suspected, I am (in)famous within kaseya.

    I think the root problem is the definition of support itself and specially phone support for Kaseya support staff, is different from what the customers understand.

    1. I have proof that PUTTING AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE as repeatedly requested by kaseya support, in tickets, doesn't help. I still have to repeat my problem in the emails.

    One example of how broken your support is comes to my mind right now, tell me why a cusotmer shouldn't get angry about this.


    I log a ticket saying a certain function doesn't work as expected

    Response: There is a hotfix available, when it is released, it will fix your problem.

    I keep waiting for next hotfix......I see that a new hotfix is applied after a few days so I check but the problem is still there so I report back on the ticket saying it is not fixed.

    Response: There is a hotfix available, when it is released, it will fix your problem.

    I am thinking....is anyone even reading my tickets or what? This is automated response. So I post the same thing on ticket again and I get the same response like 3 or 4 times

    Now is this the standard that you think acceptable for customers?


    2. We expect to get troubleshooting done over the phone when someone says phone support, not get asked if we logged a ticket first or not get told "someone will look into it" and then see an update on the ticket by email. Phone support, to me atleast means someone helps me out over the phone. Either fix the problem or ask me the questions they may have about the issue over the phone so the resolution can be sped up.

    We are all pros here and we all know that in troubleshooting, you have to ask the customer if they carried out certain steps to fix the issue. Also, the support staff would know what information to ask for a particular problem, not the customer.

    I know you no one is perfact and I don't claim I am perfact or I don't potray that I need a company that is perfect. But your support has a long way to go before I find it anywhere near "acceptable" let alone perfact.

    If you want, I can spend good time on the tickets I have logged till now and explain my reasons and then you can compare it to whether it is acceptable or not.

    We can have that conversation separately as well instead of posting it here.

    I am so disheartened by your support that for a while now, I have stopped logging tickets because I know I will be wasting my time.

    Let me know if you want to go through the experience I have gone through and tell me if I am still wrong at being angry at the way you do support.

    There are more examples of how Kaseya as a company caused me so much frustration but I guess you are only interested in the support side of things.


  • Dhaval - for the record I have only become Kaseya certified recently and have not even had a chance to test my "straight to 2nd level" status yet. This being said I am based in NZ so have very rarely dealt with the Ireland office.

  • Also Dhaval it would appear you are a heavy Kaseya user. Why not get certified? It's not that hard and worth it if you are going to continue with the product.

    No Brendan is not paying me for these posts but if he's ever around at beer o'clock, well....

  • @Dhaval i work very close with the support people in London. I have to say support works great for us.

  • Well, exactly, talk to the Ireland office before saying its good or bad.