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When will K2 support the browser in iPad?

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I will be traveling soon, and taking only my iPad. As our primary Kaseya administrator, the frustration levels involved when I try to perform a task within the VSA from the iPad know no bounds. The website areas are cut off, I'm unable to scroll, refreshing does nothing. I can remote into a desktop machine to do this, sure, but that just takes more time and involves more hoops to jump through to perform what should be a quick task. We are all simply too busy these days to not be able to manage things on the go, and I'm sure we're not alone.

The last I can see this addressed on the forums is about a year ago, and nothing has changed. When can we expect to see any progress for Kaseya management from the iPad?

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  • I know it doesn't deal with your direct problem, but have you seen a demo of service desk? If you got that built up to the point where you can resolve most issues through sending commands via SD, this would make the current Kaseya app very powerful.

  • I was just working with a customer and we found a workaround.  If you change the "user agent" settings in the browser to a desktop browser the KServer will think you're on a desktop and load fine.  Obviously the plugins for KLC won't work but you can access essentially everything else in Kaseya.  In our proof of concept we used the iOS browser "Mercury" which has an easy setting for changing the "user agent" and ion our test we set the user agent to Chrome.  Presumably it will work with any mobile browser that lets you spoof the User Agent setting. 

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