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Serious bug in Kaseya's procedure scheduling (and their forum apparently)

  • Ok. Lets post this whole frickin thing again seems how it disappeared after clicking "POST"


    This bug bit me several months ago and I chaulked it up as user error. But, now I can reproduce it.

    I'm not sure of the exact variables that cause it. But, here's what I have done.

    Today, March. 30th, 2012, I created a new agent template. I configured my settings, procedure schedules, etc. I set some procedures as re-occuring, to run on Wednesdays, for the first time on Apr. 4th, 2012.

    If I copy those settings to another agent (doesn't matter if it is an existing install, a new install, or another template) Kaseya changes the schedule of many, but not all, procedures to run for the first time on Tuesday, Apr. 10th, 2012.

    It appears to only effect the procedures that are scheduled to re-occur on Wednesdays, with the beginning date of Apr. 4th, 2012, and the flag to "skip if offline" is NOT set.

    All other procedures were not effected. Procedures with "skip if offline", scheduled as "Run Now", or scheduled to re-occur on Thursday with a start date of Apr. 5th, 2012 were all not effected.

    P.S. This forum doesn't work worth a sh** in IE9.  You can't even successfully post a message without turning on compatibility mode.

  • Update.  In the above post I said I created the templates on March. 30th, 2012.  I actually created it on March 29th, 2012 late at night.  The bug occured both before midnight, and after midnight on March 30th, 2012.  

    In addition, upon further testing, Kaseya changed one script that I had flagged as "skip if offline," and to re-occur on Wednesdays, with the first date being Apr. 4th, 2012 and literally re-scheduled it to Apr. 15th when the settings were copied to a new agent install.

  • The only thing i would say to check is the distribution window - if it is a couple of days this could explain that behaviour.

    Other than that I would say you need to create a ticket with Kaseya.

  • Thanks.  Distribution window is 0.

    I am also pursuing this topic through a support ticket.

  • A way around this issue if you need things to run it order it to create a script which calls the others in your pre-defined order and just schedule this 1 script on a machine, not ideal or very clean but it does the job.

  • Hi stu.  I also use scripts to call each other in a pre-defined order.  However, this is not an issue with scripts running in the wrong order.  This is an issue with the schedule of scripts being changed to a completely different day of the week and date, just because I copy it from another agent.  

    I'd say this is pretty simple stuff, so there isn't much chance I'm doign something wrong.  I copy the procedure schedule from one agent to another and it gets mangled.  You tell me.