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Where does vAgentConfiguration.currentUser pull it's information from?

  • I have an isolated case where, due to some politics, I cannot change the username on the computer. However, we need it listed in Kaseya with the person's name, not the user name. So to recap, the computer says the current name is "Owner" and I need Kaseya to display the current user as "not Owner". What would be the best way to handle this?




  • That data is taken from the vAgentConfiguration.currentuser field in the database.

    What about manually renaming the machine and using vAgentConfiguration.machName?

  • If it's not a lot of machines, manually renaming the agents is probably the easiest thing.


  • Wait, I don't want to rename the machine, I want to rename the USER.  How can I change the username displayed by Kaseya?

    A little clarification, the user does not want his username changed.  However, it's very generic, and we want something displayed in Kaseya that is more specific to him.  How can I change this?


  • Why you not created a custom field and insert his name into?

  • you can change the Display name of the User without actually changing the logon account.  they can continue logging into the system with Owner if its makes them feel better...just the display of the name will change which should pick up as logge on user I think...

  • My experience with that has been that if you change the Display name in Windows, it does not change in Kaseya.

    And I can't use a custom field because my boss won't let me.  oh well.

    [edited by: Richard Seigler at 5:48 AM (GMT -7) on 4-11-2012] What I need is to know where in the computer's registry Kaseya pulls the current user from. If I know that I can update that location in the computer's registry so that Kaseya is pulling good information. Otherwise, on the next audit, Kaseya will go back to "Owner" instead of "Steve".