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IRC Discussion

  • I found a couple of old posts from users regarding an IRC discussion channel. They go back a few years and there is no one in said channel anymore.

    I connect to a couple of Windows related IRC channels and find they are a great resource for issues of the day. Can learn a lot trying to help others out with strange problems.

    Anyway, I am currently in the #kaseya channel on irc.oz.org and will idle there for a while. If you are interested in some live discussion come and join as well.

    Also up for some Google Hangouts if anyone is interested in participating.

  • Been doing the irc thing here for almost 20 years (efnet mostly). I joined the irc.oz.org Kaseya chan today, didn't see anyone but I'll idle for a while.

    Do you think it would be cool if we had some sort of collaborative chat bult into the product, perhaps with it's own built-in java-based IRC client or something for easy consumption by the masses?

  • would be a nice thing to have

  • That would be pretty cool..

  • Yeah, let's get some warez and porn DCC going. ;)

  • sadly, i'm new to IRC. I've managed to setup a ##kaseya channel on irc.freenode.net if anyone is interested in joining. If we have enough interest, it could end up being a great resource.