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Failure to Communicate

  • I really have a problem with the lack of communication that we get from Kaseya and this is in a couple of areas.  The biggest one of those being support.  I have had a ticket open for 8 days now for the fact that some of my techs to include myself cannot log in to Kaseya using our AD credentials, the system just keeps giving us a user name or password failure.  Now I may be wrong in my opinion but I would think that a ticket of this nature should be a high priority as well as having some sort of ongoing communication from Kaseya letting me know where things stand on resolving the issue.  Unfortunately Kaseya just does not seem to understand that they need to take a few minutes once in a while to communicate with the people that are paying for their pay checks.

    Now I will give level 1 support some credit since it does seem like they have been trying much harder lately to communicate better with the customer.  The problem seems to really become evident when the ticket needs to be escalated, it seems like it just goes into a black hole to never be heard from again.  Now I understand that Dev and Engineering may be busy and not able to work on the problem right away but when tickets go for days and weeks with no evidence of progress or even so much as a message to say hey we have not forgotten about you than that is a huge problem.  I will even add notes to a ticket everyday just asking when is someone going to respond and those will go days to weeks before so much as a reply.  To me this lack of communication is completely unacceptable.

    Maybe Kaseya is hard at work putting out another half baked add on that will not work for crap when they release it and will take at least 3 or 4 major updates before it starts doing close to anything it is supposed to do because they sure don't seem to be working on the current support tickets.  This is a real shame because Kaseya has the potential to be a really great product and a lot of those add ons would be very useful if they worked, but if they cannot get the very basics right how will they ever get the rest of it right.  Communication can go a long way in keeping a customer happy.  Does support know how to operate a phone?  Maybe they should try using one once in a while and call the customer to discuss the ticket or to work on getting the problem resolved.  Seems like I never get someone that is even close to my own timezone working on a ticket, I will get an update in the middle of the night asking for more information or telling me to try something so when you reply of course you do not get any kind of answer back until you are no longer available to work on things.  Pay attention to the timezone of the client, have someone that is somewhat close to the same timezone work on the ticket and for critical problems pick up a phone and call the customer and work together to resolve the problem.

    We are not mushrooms so don't keep us in the dark and keep shoveling crap.  Most of us are all techs and not complete idiots.


    Remember, without customers you will not have a job or a company!

  • @ roy

    I feel your pain but feel like the support isn't to blame. I remember the days when support was useless. It's improved greatly and infact, I've gotten same day turn arounds on issues. Now to be fair, there's only so much support can do to fix an issue and like our own helpdesk staff, sometimes it may take them a few tries before they get it right, but that's a helpdesk. Now as for you AD issue....... give it up.

    Connecting your VSA to AD cred's is pointless b/c it doesn't work, in fact it NEVER worked! You're better off setting up your techs (and yourself) individually inside the vsa it's self. If you have the AD plugin module then you may have more success with connecting via AD, but I've not tested that module and don't really plan on using it at this point in time. But I can tell you that the default VIew AD Users and adding them to your vsa in that way doesn't work, well it's much like my car, it works some of the time, but never when you really need it.

  • Have to agree with danrche on the support comments.  The last few months support has improved with much quicker response times although I have to say very seldom does 1st line ever fix my problems so have to wait for whomever it's passed to.  Once you get to the right person resolution times are dramatically better than they were just a short time ago.  What does annoy me is the automated emails requesting updates to the ticket when the last entry was by a Kaseya employee.  There's definitely a need for these but do they work the other way when you're waiting a week for someone from them to get back to you?  I suspect not.

    As for using integrated AD login, it works fantastically for us.  We use it on one of our production servers with approx 300 active admin accounts and the time we save not resetting passwords for those who seem to forget weekly is brilliant and that's not to mention the ease of setting someone up.  Persist with support Roy as it's definitely worth using.

    We did try KDS for a bit but don't any more due to horrible problems.  Might work for an enterprise user but not us.

  • I have to agree with the comments above. I get a first initial response but once the issue is escalated it takes a long time to resolve things or hear back. It seems like the folks are always in another time zone with one lone exception. Once you get someone on the phone that knows the product the solution seems to be resolve pretty quickly. Things were awful until I got certified though. I appear to be getting quicker turnaround since then.

    As for integrated AD login, we have never used anything else. It has always worked for us even at 6.0. We have not used KDS. I tried that but found it too buggy along with KND and KPM (which I really, really want to work without issue).

  • I must have stumped support. I have had an issue open for 5 months. Problem is that often I have to do the chasing to see what the status is. That to me is not good business. I have a very limited window of time to work on Kaseya issues. Often I get a response to work on something a day or two after I have had to chase it. By which point I am completely swamped. The support is far from perfect to me. I need to be able to pick up the phone and get on-demand support. The current support model is completely ineffective for my needs and I hope it improves.

  • @diggisaur I had a ticket open for months as well and, like you, I had to chase it down.  At the time it appeared that Kaseya did not look at ticket aging reports.

    I understand everyone's frustrations but have to disagree.  I've actually seen a slow-down in ticket responses lately, although I believe it to be a manpower issue and not a Kaseya policy.  6 days to say "Yup, that's a bug" is beyond frustrating.  I know its a bug, that's why I submitted the ticket.  If you're working and researching, tell me, don't leave me to assume that you're not working the ticket.

  • Thanks for the input gentlemen.  We've worked really hard on being more responsive and from your experience that seems to be well implemented in the initial front line of support.  What I hear you saying is that the escalations are where we need to be better about responsiveness, speed, and keeping tickets updated.   Great feedback that is already getting address here internally.  

    @Bill - Confirming bugs is a tricky, yet vital process, because with the highly variable nature of the way our customers use our software, there is quite a bit to do to replicate in multiple configs, scenarios etc.   Imagine if we pushed a patch for a "bug" that one customer reported, but didn't test to see what would happen to a system that wasn't experiencing that bug.  Sometimes confirming bugs is easy, sometimes its not, especially if schedules and automation is involved. Either way we need to make sure you are kept updated.

  • @Brendan – Thanks for the response.  Yes the front line support has improved a great deal over the last year to include their communication about what they are doing with your tickets and sending updates to them as well.  For me my biggest complaint is when the ticket gets escalated.  Now I am sure that there are fewer resources available at any given time when it comes to dev and engineering which is why some sort of communication is so important.  Let’s take for example I have a ticket that tier 1 support has been working on for a week or so now and it has finally got to the point that they are escalating it up the food chain.  Well, that is pretty much where the communication ends usually.  It may go a week or two or sometimes more before hearing anything at all which gets quite annoying especially when you are updating the ticket everyday asking if someone is going to answer you or not.  It just really makes you guys look bad and it makes all of you look bad to include the tier 1 guys since now you are getting no response at all.  Now I realize that my particular ticket at the time may be a low priority compared to others but we still need some kind of response from someone, preferable whoever or whatever team it has been escalated too with a basic idea of when we can expect the ticket to be worked on (where are we in the queue, number 10 or number 1000).  I also realize that it takes time to look at the tickets and respond to them but it would do wonders towards giving your customers a warm fuzzy feeling that you actually care about us.  Maybe once a week have someone go through all of the tickets that are assigned to a department and maybe do not have a specific engineer assigned to them yet and update the tickets with a basic timeframe or a clue of what to expect.

    The fact that you have taken the time to read this thread and respond to it does give me hope that Kaseya in general will continue to work towards having a great support experience.  One suggestion I will make is maybe when a ticket has been escalated to dev or engineering and someone is actively working on it picking up the phone and calling the customer to get them involved could be quite helpful.  The whole bouncing emails back and forth to the ticket can get quite tiresome especially if you only get one response a day 

    Thanks and always keep improving.

  • @Brendan I completely understand.  The problem I have is that we're a software shop, not an MSP, and I'm dealing with a VP of IS who doesn't understand why it takes 6 days to confirm a bug when we would have had the bug confirmed, fixed, tested, and released in less than 6 hours.  He gets even more bent out of shape when its not so much a bug as it is a documented feature that simply doesn't exist.  I can deal with a ranting PHB, but only if the lines of communication are open and I have confidence that something is being done on your end.