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A Thank You For Support

  • I don't mind posting here when I have a complaint or suggestion so thought it would be also good to post when I have something more positive to say. I had occasion to contact support due to a downed server today. I had rebuilt my remote SQL Server (and upgraded it to 2008) and I could not get my Kaseya Server to connect again to the reattached ksubscriber database. I dreaded the support process and had prepared myself for long waits and suggestions to perform the obvious.  Instead, support was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable, and quickly had me reconnected and running again. Thank you very much, guys.

  • Thanks for the kind words zippo!  I'll pass them along.  

  • I agree, zippo. I have had really good support the last many times I've asked for help as well. We ARE a support company, and I know how easy it is for tickets to get buried or fall through the cracks.

    Keep up the good work, Kaseya!

  • Fair call....I have had to log a few tickets this past week with 6.2 upgrade issues....and I was impressed with support also. The tickets that didn't need escalating were resolved pronto!