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Has anyone used the Symantec Backup Exec Management Plug-in for Kaseya?

  • I couldnt attach screen shots, but anyone that wants some more information, contact me.



  • I have installed it and most of our BUEXEC clients are new enough to support it, however I did not find it compelling enough to warrant replacing what I am already doing.

    Excellent point have been raised about scheduled reporting and alert raising but I will say this: Symantec have come out in these forums and said "We want this to work for MSPs so you tell us how you want this product to look" so huge kudos to Symantec for this approach, let's get behind them and make it worth their while.

  • I have installed the module and I sure like the direct access to the job summary.

    The reports are not working, i get this message: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the ProhibitDtd property on XmlReaderSettings to false and pass the settings into XmlReader.Create method.

    Anybody an idea?

    (We use 2003 Reporting Services)

  • I've installed it but can't figure out how to actually use it. I see and have run the relevant agent procedures per the instructions but can't figure out where I view the collected data. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  • Oh, shoot! I see it. Do I feel really dumb, now... Nevermind.....

  • 1. Kudos to Symantec for taking on this project on their own and engaing with us K users.

    2. Call me stupid, but where do I find the agent to install on the servers?  I dont see a refence to it anywhere.


  • okay, fumbling around I fould the Agent Procedure to install the agent.

    I executed it, and it says it completed successfully. But in the VSA when I browse to Symantec Backup Exec->Discovery->Discovered Machines, the Agent for Backup Exec PlugIn column is still blank, and the Actions Reguried tab still shows "Install supported version of Agent for Backup Exec Plug-in. "

    When I connect to the server and browse to the BEKaseyaAgentSetup.log file, it shows the following:


    12 08:31 :Installation Started

    04:08:2012 08:31 :WARNING: Failed to remove C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec Management Plug-in for Kaseya\Logs\errors.xml due to error 2

    04:08:2012 08:31 :Verifying if the user has administrator rights on the computer.

    04:08:2012 08:31 :New version of Agent for Backup Exec Agent Plugin:

    04:08:2012 08:31 :Starting BEKaseyaAgent MSI - Regular Install Mode

    04:08:2012 08:31 :msiexec /i "BEKaseyaAgent.msi" /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress /l*v+ "C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec Management Plug-in for Kaseya\Logs\BEKaseyaAgentInstallMsi.log"

    04:08:2012 08:31 :Msiexec Return Code : 0

    04:08:2012 08:31 :Regular Install Mode - Installation completed successfully.


    So it looks liek it installed ok.

    Is a reboot required?  Or do I need to do anything else (other than running the agent procedure" to get the agent to install and be recognized?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Lloyd,

    Reboot is not required..it should work.

    Can you try running the "gather" procedures on that server now?

    It should retrieve the stuff you need...

  • BEMPK_IssueWithSSRS_ReportRendering.doc

    @Patrick: The reporting services (SSRS) related error that reads as "For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document..." might be occurring due to some issues with SSRS configuration. Please find the possible resolution(s) in the attached document BEMPK_IssueWithSSRS_ReportRendering.doc. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

    Ramesh Bupathy
    Symantec Corporation

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  • @lwolf: Regarding your question about the data shown in Discovered Machines UI and possibly on how to configure so that you can view BE jobs/alerts etc in the web console:

    Go to Kaseya's "Agent Procedures" module/tab, run the "Install Agent Plug-in 1.0 for Backup Exec" agent procedure (I do not recall the exact name of this agent procedure, but you can easily find out what I mean here!) against the Backup Exec Media servers that have v12.5 or 2010/R2/R3 installed. This agent procedure will deploy an agent on BE media servers. After successful completion of this agent procedure, please run an audit task on those media servers from Kaseya's "Audit" module/tab. After audit is completed, you should find the "Agent for Backup Exec Plug-in" column properly filled-in in the "Discovered Machines" UI.

    Once you see the "Monitoring Status" column showing as "Monitored", please go to Kaseya's "Agent Procedures" module/tab once again and schedule the "Gather Backup Exec Summary Data" and "Gather Backup Exec Inventory Data" agent procedures to run periodically. I assume normally one would like to schedule "Gather Backup Exec Summary Data" agent procedure to run more often (say every 15/30 minutes or so) and "Gather Backup Exec Inventory Data" to run once in a day or so.

    FYI - I noticed that you had posted in another thread as well and I was about to post in there. Anyways, no issues. I will add a reference to this thread later.

    Ramesh Bupathy
    Symantec Corporation

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  • @symantec_corp,

    Thansk very much. That was helpful, I am now running the aduit and we'll see if that fixes the problem.

    And let me say, kudoes to Symantec for developing this integration with Kaseya.  

    A followup question.... I read the readme file with the installation package, which seemed to cover the topic of actually installing the software on our k server.  But I feel like I am missig some general overview/instruction steps that explain the details of how to use the module, procedures to schedule, best practices, etc.  Is there such a document somewhere?


  • @Symantec_corp:

    Wil there be any integration to create alarms within Kaseya?

    We are using the module already on daily base, but we are needing some way to have automated alarms to the kaseya dashboard from where we can create tickets.

    The dashboard is being watched and checked during the day. When a backup fails we would very much like to have it visible there...



  • Symantec Engineering is investigating whether we can create alarms from the Backup Exec alert data that we are collecting.  It is possible we could add this in a futrure realease, but not guaranteed at this point.  In the meantime, the workaround is to create an event set for the events you are interested and assign the monitor to the Backup Exec servers via the standard procedures for this in the K2 console.  You could create an event set containing the event for a failed Backup Exec job, for example.  We have uploaded a full set of Backup Exec events from which you can copy any events of interest in creating your own event set for Backup Exec.  You can find our event sets in this post:


    Tom Zarrella

    Symantec Corporation

  • Hi Lloyd,

    The chapter titled as "Getting started with Symantec Backup Exec Management Plug-in for Kaseya" in the online help document might be helpful to understand the step-by-step instructions to start monitoring a Backup Exec (BE) media server. To access the BE Plug-in's online help, first select the "Symantec Backup Exec" module/tab and then click on Help button (button with "?" icon) in the Kaseya's toolbar (top left-hand side, just above the module name "Symantec Backup Exec"). A new IE browser window will appear with BE plug-in's help document loaded in it. Expand the topics in the left-hand side of the online help document and select "Setting up the monitoring environment" topic to view the step-by-step instructions.

    I am hoping this will be helpful to know how to get started. Let us know if you expected any additional/specific information.

    Ramesh Bupathy
    Symantec Corporation

  • Ramesh,

    Thanks very much for pointing me to the online help file. That was indeed what I was looking for. Sorry for acting stupid and not checking there first.