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Determine # of CPUs in a system

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Does anyone know how to determine, with JUST Kaseya,  the count of physical CPUs within a system / server?  

Presently, I look at CPU make / model / number of CPUs as shown within the audit, then do a google search for the CPU information, read the number of cores... Divide # of CPUs shown in Kaseya by the number of Cores the CPU has, and I should have the number of Physical CPUs (unless it's a virtualized system, then it's a "Flip a coin, if it lands, you're wrong" situation)... but it should be identifiable within Kaseya, should it not?

In the event that it's not, why isn't it?  We have the CPU information (could be updated via Kaseya as new CPUs get released easily enough), it should be simple to create a table (At minimum: Model, Architecture, Codename, Cores, HT capable, Speed) and then dump the information into the audit tab via a lookup... or a popup window with a table of specs... ?


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  • How about putting the contents (via variable) of the following command into a Custom Field?

    systeminfo | FIND "Processor"

    That should point you in the right direction I think...