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Chkdsk necessary before defrag? Your thoughts..

  • Hey guys, My coworker informed me that I should run a read only chkdsk on hard disks (to check if they're healthy) before I defrag them. Otherwise, the defrag can actually cause issues. Defrag has never harmed anything for me in the past, what are your thoughts on this matter?
  • My understanding is that the thing to be most careful about is to not run a chkdsk on a RAID array. I'm not sure about a read only chkdsk. It may be safe. As for a defrag on an unhealthy hard drive, I am not sure whether it could cause issues.

  • I don't think I've ever run a chkdsk before a defrag and I can't imagine it would be necessary or you would think defrag would warn...

  • I can't claim to recall every time I've run a defrag routine in the last 28 years but I'm hard pressed to think of a time I've run chkdsk first.