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Kudo's for Kaseya Staff

  • As per normal on a forums, some posts turn into a *** session that the poor guys who work for Kaseya take the brunt of sometimes.

    So..if a member of staff at Kaseya (be they on forums or not) has stepped up and gove above and beyond, please drop a Note in this posting with a Kudo's for "Membername"

    Never know...our appreciation for the work they do may have a bigger impact them we can imagine..

    So I'll start with a Kudo's to Brendan Cosgrove ...take most of the heat, but provides a hell of alot of value on the boards we would be missing otherwise.

  • Ben Lavalley does a lot of awesome things and it seems like he really drives forward progress for Kaseya features.

    I've had awesome help from Alan Buck and Steve McCormick on support tickets. I don't think they post on the forum much, but they still deserve recognition for their expertise in my opinion.

  • Kudos to Mike Sheffey and his team for spending lots of time with users to find problems in KLC and get the new release out.  They have really got above and beyond with the testing on the modules he is in charge of to make sure they are actually ready for production when then are released.

    Tito over in support been invaluable in helping diagnose and correct issues we have had during early release testing.

    Definitely have to give kudos to Brendan for his help in maintaining these forums and taking the feedback provided on here up to support and development to help make a better product.  He does take a lot of heat on there but always manages to stay optimistic and help out where possible

  • Like the other posters above, I will also give kudo's to Brendan for his help in maintaining these forums and taking the heat+feedback (often negative) provided on here up to help make a better product.  He always manages to stay positive and optimistic and help out where possible.

    Max Pruger has also been a great resource to me and my business over the past 4 years, and Josh Cohen  has been helpful as our Accountt Manager.


  • I must say I admire you staying on the front lines Brendan. The communication is far better than it used to be with Kaseya. I'd also like to say the support we have received when in need has been a complete turn around from where it used to be. Any time i've called in i've been able to get someone to quickly help me resolve issues. So kudos' to the tech support. I hope everyone is having this same experience.

  • +1 Brendan and Ben, and also for Fernando, John and Brandon at Kaseya Support, and to Matt Chinnery (Sales Engineer here in the UK) for the support, advice and mentorship he has given me over the last year - well above and beyond the call of duty!

  • A pat on the back for Brendan, Sheffey, Keyes, & Ben for being active on the "front lines". This type of interaction from Kaseya does make them stand out from the other guys.

  • Ah yes, Jeff Keyes has stepped up and gone above and beyond for me several times this past year for me.

  • +1 and kudos for Travis

  • This is a perfect example of why I brag about our user community!  You guys rock!  Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.  We are happy to partner with each of you and to serve the community as best we can!

  • I will add a +1 for Jeff Keyes, he's helped me out a bunch of times over the past few years with KES/KAV related items.

  • Brendan....we have to at least say something nice once in a while, otherwise we start to sound like teenagers; always bitching and whining without the appreciation.

  • Definitely Brendan Cosgrove and Ben Lavalley would be on the top of my "Awesome People at Kaseya" list keep up the good work.

  • owh that's a hard one......i can think of at least 20 people inside kaseya support and dev who have helped me out so many time's....many thanks to ALL my 'kaseya friends"