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Google Maps module posted to Resources section

  • I uploaded this last week but I don't think posts to the Resources section get the same visibility as the Forums:


    Yet another new add-on module :) 

    This one lets you view your agents on Google Maps (2d) or Earth (3d) for those of you running your own Kaseya v6.2 servers.

    If you have any problems getting it setup, please post them to the Resources section.

  • Does anyone have any feedback about how this module might affect performance of the VSA?  Ben, were there any performance differentiations before and after implementation of this module during testing?

    I like the idea of this module and it looked slick during the demo, but I want to make sure that I won't be affecting VSA performance by installing it.

  • It doesn't run any background processes. The only processing it does occurs only when when you attempt to generate a map.

    The address/IP lookups are "cached" so the most processing it should ever do is when you initially generate the map.

    I've used it with customers who have 5000 agents so far, none in the 10,000+ range yet.

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  • Thanks for the feedback.  I've got just under 5500 on my VSA and I'll install it tonight.

  • @Ben

    It looks great and I would like to use it.

    Is it possible to protect the module or the configuration page for specific User Roles?

  • It's a Kaseya module that should work like any other - you can easily restrict the configuration page to a Master only user, which is a good idea :)

  • For all, agent procedure takes in count only English OS.

    So, don't forget to edit the agent procedure and change the get variable value in your foreign language or duplicate the step and edit it then check "continue on fail" on all steps "get variable"

  • Thanks for the update, Guillaume. If you have an example procedure of how to address collecting the ping information for other languages please share it and I will try to update the procedure.

  • Ben, I've installed the module and I'm not getting any latency or physical address markers, and I'm getting some "Bad or Null KML" errors in Firefox and ChromePlus.  Any ideas?

  • jhardee -- Check your inbox, you have an email.

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  • It's a little buggy (Can't get it to remember a defaut zoom level, and 3D Earth doesn't work (although 3D Tour oddly enough does) unfortunately) but that's a brilliant and very welcome module. Well done and huge thanks, Ben! :-)

  • @Ben - Thanks for looking!  Email reply should be in your inbox.  It might be a port 80 listener problem, but I'm sort of grasping at straws...

  • Get me some details on the issue you've had with 3d Earth, Phil. I suspect it is related to the preferences you set if one of them got  set to a bad/out of range value.

  • Figured I'd update the forum, Jhardee's module is now working, the issue was related to port 80 being blocked.

  • @Ben 3D Earth works in Firefox, looks like an IE issue, Another good reason not to use IE!

    Are there plans to move the module over to the newer Version 3 of the maps API?

    Thanks, it's a very useful toy!