Hi gurus, 

I am looking at viewing a timeline for all ALL scripts and agent procedures on one screen

I use SQL and Excel to pull all the data i need, i was wondering if anyone knew the table taht holds it, or is there somewhere in the VSA that will do it better? 

I am learning as i type this so i might end up solving it here and no one needs to answer anything

Consider this query select * from ksubscribers.dbo.vAgentProcedureStatus

It returns something like this

That time on the right hand side isn't when it executes, it only displays the LAST EXEC time in a column further down the data dump

Does anyone here think i can use LAST EXEC STATUS as a reliable source of information to build a nice holistic view for when my agent procedures and scripts are running?

Does any of this even make sense?

Cheerio, Mark.