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Verdict on 6.2?

  • So, what's the verdict on 6.2 at this point? Is this a solid update at this point, or am I going to have to deal with some voodoo and loads of phone calls in order to fix my K server after the update? 

  • Solid upgrade. I have not had any issues with either of my 2 K servers that I upgraded.

  • Working well for us, only problem I encountered was the User Roles Missing after Upgrade:


  • Upgraded the day after the patch came out.  Only issue we have run into is live connect loading rather slow.  We fixed this by using the agent procedure Deploy Live Connect to push out the live connect files for each of our clients,  we also added it to the procedure list when the agent is first installed.  As the package is 20mb or so it takes some time.  All in all we are very happy with the upgrade.

    Deploy Live Connect


  • I waited about a month do to the update. After we did it we had a few problems with live connect (nothing too major) but everything got straightened out. One annoying thing was we had to upgrade the agent before live connect would would (its a simply process)

    I recommend doing the update.

  • I waited six months. It went pretty smooth and added some good features.

  • Installed it last night. Everything is still working, afaik ...

  • What is the major differences from v6.1 to v6.2?  Only the IE 9 support and reporting changes?

  • We installed the 6.2 update in October. We went through update hell for 6 months going to 6.0. This update was a dream and we had no issues at all. We did have to reset our email settings in Ticketing-Email Reader. While the settings were there, they apparently did not work. Just re-keyed the settings and it worked just fine.

  • 6.2 went in [relatively] smooth here.

    Biggest difference (for us) is the reports - we noticed some substantial speed improvements, report appearance, but some of that might also have had to do with breaking the SQL Server out to a different box.