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Creating colour schemes

  • Anyone know if it's possible to create your own colour schemes and, if so, how ?



  • community.kaseya.com/.../11068.aspx

    The above link is a forum post going into more detail of how to edit how it looks and the below files are some files you are going to have to edit.



  • As mentioned in that thread (http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/114/t/11068.aspx):


    Also be aware of that these files will be overwritten sooner or later, by hotfixes or other updates that are released.

    Therefor you might want to write down all the changes you make and where you make them, so that you can reedit the files fast enough when it hits you :)

    My process has been as follows:
    1) Make a copy of the files/images being edited and save them to a different server with some sort of meaningful suffix like logon.asp.Original20111215
    2) Copy that file to the same directory on said different server and name it logon.asp.Modified20111215 and make any modifications necessary... hit Save
    3) "Save As" the modified copy back to the KServer, overwriting the original
    4) Test, test, test
    Then when an update wipes out my changes, I use Ultra Compare to see the differences line-by-line between the "new" file that was put there by the hotfix and the "modified" file... if the changes are only those that I've made, I'll once again overwrite the "new" file put there by the hotfix with the "modified" file from the last go around.  If they're different beyond the scope of my modifications, I'll have to repeat steps 1-4 again.
    Anyway, just the way I do things... helps me keep things in order and in such a way that I can revert back if I need to.  Cheers!  Smile


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