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Feature Request - Tablet (Android / iOS) Management App

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    Currently I carry my phone, tablet and laptop.

    I have to carry my laptop since I am unable to reliably use the remote assistance within Kaseya on my tablet (Android 3.2)

    I would like to see the development of a Kaseya Management application where I can

    * Schedule and Execute Procedures

    * Schedule and Execute Reports

    * Access Agent Status and Agent Logs

    * Access Remote Control on an Agent

    * Access File Transfers on an Agent.

    Trying to do some of these functions via the browser is not feasible and others are clumsy on a tablet interface.

    I personally do not believe full access to all the functions of the Kaseya portal are a viable option but an application permitting monitoring and execution of remediation scripts while being able to do remote access would greatly improve my ability to provide support since I do not always have my laptop with me but I do always have a android phone/tablet and most other technicians are the same with their android or iOS device(s).

  • Bahhhhhmmmmm .....................

    ... that's an article from me? ;-)

    Have a android tablet too. It's a helpful tool on road, espacially since autotask has a own app for technicans outside the office. the most helpful things outside the office on android - your list ist perfect to help us.

    Kaseyas start ... start .... start.... ;-)

  • Kaseya's primary focus is the "Single Pane of Glass" into network management. As I truly feel that Kaseya is the premier RMM tool in the industry, when it comes to mobile management, they're falling well behind the competition. Probably my single biggest disappointment in Kaseya, next to network device monitoring which will hopefully be addressed with Intellipool, the only app available for iOS devices is for the Service Desk. It's still hard for me to get my mind around the fact that there's no plan to address my ability to at least have a read only view of my agents. Forget LiveConnect and all those complexities. Status, alarms, and audit details would be one heck of a beginning. Opening up the API to allow others to easily build apps for other modules would be a great next step. Needless to say, I was disappointed when I searched and didn't find an Intellipool app either leading me to believe that this is not viewed as any kind of a priority despite the fact that for most of us MSPs, mobile computing and support is how we will continue to accomplish more with less resulting in continual cost reductions to our clients. I would probably even be willing to pay a little something for each copy of the app if necessary. It really does matter and continues to matter more as each day passes with no progress.

  • Hi @seftink. We certainly see the need for access from mobile devices and because Kaseya is web based, all of the features you are asking for though are viewable on your mobile device and we support both Chrome and Safari which are the two most common 'mobile' browsers on the market today. The API in Kaseya can be used by anyone to gain access to a lot of Kaseya functionality around monitoring, audit data and the service desk, but there are also views provided into all of the DB if you need it. If you are interesting in building a whole new module into Kaseya you can do that through our 3rd Party integration program, that's how these guys built add-on modules: www.kaseya.com/.../tpip.aspx feel free to PM me if you want to know more about it.

    @Rob I hear what you are saying about the need for a dedicated mobile app for access, as the device-specific apps can provide some really nice features, and give that remote control you are looking for, and it's certainly something on our to-do list. I don't have any specifics for you to share today, but there will be more announcements coming out in the new year so stay posted and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

    As always guys, thanks for the feedback - we want it all, good or bad, it's how we make the product better for you!

    Ray Barber


  • I pulled up my VSA via Safari on my iPhone. The login page comes up. I enter my credentials and hit login and nothing happens.

  • 2 years later, I am still unable to access VSA via iOS. Any update on this at all. I'm having the same problem as seftink above.
  • Just as a quick update to this, I can access Kaseya via Safari with no real issues, minus LiveConnect of course, from my iPad. Just not my iPhone. I will, however, also mention that the pages don't always scale properly so sometimes there are things on the page you can't see or get to, but better than nothing at all.