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PSA Integration (Autotask)

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Do we have an ETA on when PSA Integration will be actually released - most specifically with AutoTask? Level integrated beautifully into AT and this is one piece I REALLY need to be finished.

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  • I have called several times and have never got a response on this.

    Starting to really bug me.

  • push  ....

    hey kaseya. ... you have talked about it tha kaseya connect. status update?

  • AutoTask integration is still on the PSA Integation roadmap. However, we do not have an ETA to share with you at this time.

  • Is the PSA module even available yet , with or without Autotask ( ie Connectwise / Tigerpaw etc )

    I've looked hi and lo but cannot find any reference to a download even though it was offered as a promo special about 6 months ago

  • Hello Gerald.

    At Kaseya Connect Kasesya you have presented a Roadmap for realease of different versions for PSA integration. I thought you or Kaseya has presented Q3 for Autotask.

  • We are currently working with a set of controlled release sites for our Connectwise adapter. Autotask is still on our roadmap but we are not in a position to provide an ETA at this time.

  • Hello Gerald.

    Will you share your PSA-Integration Roadmap to your customers? It is about one year back, since kaseya has announced the PSA-integration. It was one of the reasons why i`ve decide to use autotask.

    Must i start implementing third party utilities to connect kaseya vsa with autotask over email or is there an ETA in 2012?

  • Autotask have there own gateway that processes emails sent via either the Kaseya Ticketing Module or Service Desk.

    They also use the Kaseya API to close the Kaseya Ticket, i.e. "Round Trip Ticket Closure”, but this only works with the basic Ticketing Module at present.

    I received an email from Autotask late last year re their development of their own integration into Service Desk so this may not be too far away

    What we current do is this:

    1) Use Monitor Sets to create Alarms AND create Tickets ( In Ticketing Module )

    2) Ticketing sends an email to Autotasks Gateway

    3) Autotask creates its own corresponding ticket.

    4) When  the Autotask ticket is closed the “Round Trip” feature closes the Kaseya Ticket

    5) We run a Kaseya script at 5 min intervals on the VSA that looks for Closed Kaseya Tickets where the corresponding alarm is still Open

    6) The Script closes these alarms

    So we end up with Alarms, Kaseya Tickets And Autotask tickets all in synch


    Paul Haaker

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  • @Paul: Wow! That sounds wonderful. Do you made all the configuration and implementation with kaseya and autotask without any third party tools?

  • Yes .... No third Party tools used at all , in fact the only part we needed to create ourselves was a simple script to close the alarms.

    I must add that we are currently part of the Kaseya PSA Pilot program and ultimately this is what we will use but as the Pilot PSA only supports Connectwise at present  we had to come up with something that worked for Autotask in the interum.

    Something  else to bare in mind is that the method we are using  only works with Ticketing. The PSA integration will require that Service Desk is Activated ( as does the pending update to KNM 4.1 ) ... and if SD is activated then anything that requires the Ticketing Module  will stop working.

    So our solution is really a stop gap one until PSA is finalised with both Connectwise and Autotask supprt.

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  • Hello Paul.

    Urgs. So if read your words right, so we need "service desk" from kaseya? It is a modul with extra costs?

  • No ... the current Autotask integration uses the Ticketing Module.

    So this is how it's setup :

    1) We configured our Monitor Sets / Alerts etc to create Both an Alarm and a Ticket

    2) We configured the Ticketing Notify Policy to send an email to xxxxx@kaseya2at.net when a new ticket is created

    3) We then configured Autotask according to the notes supplied by Autotask as it needs to use the Kaseya API as part of it's "Round Trip" for closing Tickets as well as for discovering Kaseya Machines

    4) We wrote our script to close Alarms once the Ticket was closed . This step you could eliminate if you configure Monitor/Alerts etc to only create Tickets ( i.e. don't put a tick in the "A"larm box , just in the "T"icket box .. however this means you have nothing to display on your Kaseya Alarm Dashboard if you are using it)


  • Hello Paul.

    Your fourth step make sense. Is your script or procedure something you will provide for the kaseya-autotask-community?

  • We're going to re-write it to make use of V6.2 API's ... so possible in the next week I may be able to post it.

  • @Paul: Thanks.