Hey all,


OK, an odd one here - we have a print management client who wants to use our services for some auditing and reporting. However they currently use N-Able for monitoring some of their clients. 


We installed Kaseya on their devices (just pushing it out via a script, silent install, and the ONLY thing it was set to do was audit software/hardware and do a patch scan - nothing else at all). But afterwards they said all their N-Able management functions failed. When we pulled Kaseya off, apparently it was back to normal.


They've looked at their end, and I've looked at mine, and we can find nothing that would interfere with each other.  We've had installs over N-Able and other management agents in the past with no issues at all (even secondary Kaseya installs, thanks to K2!). 


So I'll toss it out here - anyone have any ideas what might have happened?