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Kaseya Certification Program

  • I just wanted to let anyone know that is interested in the Kaseya Certification program: it is most worthwhile. I just received my certification and not only am I much more familiar with the software and its inner working, I now have access to Kaseya's Priority support.

    It took me about 4-5 weeks (in my case, I had 6 weeks) to get through the training materials for all the modules and take (and pass!) the theoretical and practical exams. I couldn't have done it without the constant encouragement and assistance of Dr. Masoud Sadjadi, the program's creator and moderator through IT Scholars. You will never feel like you can't ask a question or get a little help with something you can't figure out, regardless of the hour in some cases.

    So I encourage anyone who is interested to check this program out and see if it might work for you. It did for me!

    Alex Insley
    Network Support Engineer at Twinstate//Voice.Data.Video.Inc.

  • Great feedback Alex, I'm a Kaseya employee and I found it useful and challenging.  I highly recommend anyone serious about using Kaseya get this certification (and the training they need to pass).


  • @Toby vanRoojen - I hope all Kaseya employees are put through this training too [;D]

  • I have just completed the Kaseya Certification Program and would highly recommend it to everyone!  I have been using Kaseya heavily for over 5 years and still picked up several tips and tricks with this training.  Dr. Sadjadi has truly created an excellent program.  I'll be looking forward to future releases of add-on module training

  • Got mine today  Big Smile

  • Congrats!  How did you like the program?