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Moving Kaseya to a new server

  • Hi

    We want to look at moving our server to a new platform (may be quicker than waiting for kaseya support to look at our server down ticket). 

    The only real piece of info I can find is this KB article: 



    However it's several years old and I'm interested in any changes that may have to be taken in to account.

    Any comments?


  • That's pretty much what I would do.  If your old server is totalled and depending on how much data you want to transfer, if you just create the new one with the same name/IP your agents will check in to it as if it's the same server.  Really depends how much you need to transfer between the two servers.

  • You can also call in to K instead of waiting for a call.



  • Every time I've called recently, they've told me I need to open my ticket online. At this point you can't even open a ticket with an email to support - the reply tells you to go online and open the ticket. But perhaps it's different if you plead a down server...

  • #1: Open ticket (takes a min or two).

    #2: Call in about open ticket (have ticket # ready).

    #3: Don't let them off of the phone if its a server down issue. If they do cut you off then

    #4: Call sales Rep and get him to get you the help you need.

  • We recently upgraded from 6.0 to 6.2 and moved to a new 2008R2 machine at the same time.

    Our database is on another machine.

    We followed the process in the document you linked (yes it is old) and worked with no problems at all.