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  • Hi

    We are trying to ​create a filter to show all machines that have an excel version of less than 12.0.6565.5003

    We're using the following in a view filter;


    Contains Application *excel*

    Version string < 12.0.6565.5003

    This gives us about 143 machines at this particular clients. However when we hop on to check the version number of the excel.exe processor (also the same in Help > About in Excel) we see that, one a great many, the version number is EQUAL to 12.0.6565.5003.

    We need to update any machine with a version number less than that to a specific version via specific updates.

    Any ideas how we can get this filter working?


  • This sounds goofy but, as a workaround, try changing the the version number to < 12.0.6565.5002.

  • So you think that it's actually checking for <= 12.0.6565.5003, rather than < 12.0....etc. ?

    I'll give it a go, thanks.

  • I gave it a try here and it doesn't work. I had to set it to "< 12" to actually get it to function. The dots in the version number are probably confusing it.

  • Hmmmmm

    Ok, perhaps another route. Is it possible to show all machines who's excel version ISN'T "xx.yyy.zzz" using a string comparison rather than numerical comparison?

  • I don't think you'll be able to do that with a "View". I think you'll need to use a reporting tool such as SSRS or Crystal - the Kaseya built in reports seem to be pretty limited in their versatility for this sort of thing.

  • scripts are our friend :)

    Created a script to query the version number and put it in to a custom column. Then we can use the advanced filter to filter out all those that have the version we want to get to, leaving the ones that dont.

  • Ahhhh. Good idea. But it does seem a bit Rube Goldberg as the info has already been captured and is in the database....

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