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Most useful thing about Kaseya? Most useful plug-in?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm reviewing Kaseya and analysing how much time it saves us and how much more time we can save. This includes working out new procedures etc that we can run.

    Another part of the review process is looking at which plug-ins can really help us push on. This is where I need your help.

    What do you guys in the community think are the most useful parts of Kaseya / what in Kaseya helps you save the most time?

    What plug ins do you find the most useful/ cost effective?


    I really look forward to hearing some opinions on this


    Thanks in advance




  • Hi Neil,

    We use KDS together with KPM to make sure all customer machines are covered in Kaseya and to maintain consistency in monitoring, agent procedures and so on.


  • Thanks for the reply Patrick. I had a look at the KDS before and was wondering what benefits it would bring. What do you like about this?


  • Neil,

    With KDS we don't have to worry about missing machines anymore, our customers pay per agent.

    When a new machine is joined to a domain it will automatically show up in Kaseya and even an agent can be automatically pushed to the machine.

    From that point KPM comes in and takes care of assigning monitor sets, agent procedures and so on.

    Before we had those two modules we always had to check if every machine had the correct settings.

    KDS is also handy to reset user passwords or unlock user accounts, you can even disable and enable user accounts with Kaseya (RDP to DC is not necessary anymore)

    (i'm Dutch so typing English can go wrong sometimes)

    KDS and KPM are not perfect yet but we save a lot of time.


  • Patrick,

    To start, your english is better than many english people, especially since the development of txt spk ;-)

    Secondly, thank you again for time. I was not aware that KDS did this. I will look further into this plug in.