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It sure would be nice if support were more responsive

  • Same old story....   days and days with no follow up to the ticket then the automated question asking if the issue is resolved or not.


    I realize you guys are probably busy with 6.2 update issues, but at least some customer service to let us know that you are having trouble or something sure would be great.

  • get certified !

    ger priority support !


  • As opposed to what we pay for?  We started to get help and then the tech disappeared for the better part of a week, no response to requests for follow up or status.  How would certification have helped with that?  We can't get away with that in our business!

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  • Kaseya support is back on the ticket now (after I contacted our rep), but the gaps are aggravating.

  • Hans,

    follow what you're saying, and agree that its a good thing to mention. But the poor fellow is dealing with a lack of support response time and your email seems to say " tough! If you went out and got certified (spend more $$) you'd get the support you're paying for!". I know that's not what you were trying to imply, but that's how it would look to someone who doesn't know you.

  • David,

    thats not what i meant to say anyway !

    what i did want to say it that you can get priority support (and that works great).

    but i agree you should always be getting the normal support

  • This has always been a problem for Kaseya.  I am constantly having to hound my Rep to get support to update a ticket.  They are more than happy to close a ticket if you do not respond to them in a timely manner, but there is nothing that happens if they do not respond to you in a timely manner.  If they would learn that a quick simple update would really go a long way in reducing the customers frustrations it would help them tremendously.  Also they need to quit responding to new tickets with so called solutions that do not work and most of the time really have nothing to do with the problem at all.  They need to learn to actually read what the problem is and think about it for more than 30 seconds.

    In case you could not tell I am not a fan of their support and it just keeps getting worse each time I have to deal with them.