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Installing Office 2010, SP1 (Patch Mgmt won't do it)

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  • I searched the forums here for answer to the following question, but came up empty-handed: how can you deploy/install the Office 2010 SP1 update using Kaseya?

    The patch is listed as "Internet-based Install Only", but I'm not sure exactly what that means. Is that the sole reason that it will not get installed during the regularly scheduled patch deployments? I've installed it manually on several machines to ensure that it worked, but I am surely not going to do that for all managed machines just to get it deployed.



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  • Matt,

    A patch that's tagged as "internet based install only" is one that cannot be installed using a LAN file share - there is no valid single executable available from Microsoft.  In instances where your File Source is defined as a LAN file share or the KServer, patches with the internet-only tag will still install as long as the endpoints have access to the Microsoft patching sites.  In instances where the file source is download from the internet to the endpoint, the patch will install just as the others.  When a patch fails, there is always a reason that can be identified.  

    Make sure you do not have a proxy or firewall rules blocking anonymous access to the five websites listed in KKB000781.  Also review the Agent Procedure log to ensure patch scan is completing using the primary (rather than alternate) data source (this is also described in KKB000781).  You can also review c:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log to try to identify the failing patch.  This log can be difficult to read through to identify useful information, but you can try searching the log for the word "failed" or the KB number and you might find explicit information on why the patch is failing to install.

    If you're not able to determine the reason for failure, please open a ticket with Support.  We can assist with identifying the cause and resolution for these failures.