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6.2 - Overall opinions - Readiness

  • I've been reading up on the forums, I've seen a lot of people doing OK, with some issues resulting in the 6.2 install.

    I've read through the installation manual, and would take typical precautions (Database backup, data folder backup, full system backup), along with any other precautions urged from kaseya in their documentation.

    How has your 6.2 upgrade gone?  We're only going from 6.1, so it *should* be fairly simple, however life has taught me that simple and quick isn't.

  • Hi I was running 6.1 as a VM, upgraded last Sunday, and apart from resetting explorer cache, its running great and havent had any problems with  it in general, slight hickup with a SBS 2011 box upgrading agent, but was easily resolved with an onisite hard reboot.

    took about three hours to start running right , with agents all trying to check back in after upgrade.

  • Frank, was that just on a single SBS 2011 box? Do you have any other SBS 2011 agents that upgraded without needing the hard reboot? We have enough deployed that I would hate to have a consistent issue with them. Thanks

  • Sorry Icouldn't reply sooner, I only have one sbs 2011 box under managmnet so it was sods law it would be that one, but as its based on server 2008 R2, i have plenty of them and they havent been affected.

    hope this helps Kcears

  • we've been running 6.2 since day one of the controlled release and overall we have seen very little issue's

    @kcears, we manage quite some SBS2011 boxes and did not have any problems with them

  • Thanks for the replies Frank and Hans.

  • Updated today to 6.2, no issues there

  • The only thing I am not getting used to is the drop down for roles and scopes. I could see these menus as being useful for true sys admins when it comes to troubleshooting, but for the average help desk users and others, they shouldn't have to decipher my sets of rights to be able do their normal tasks. If they have those rights, they should have them. They shouldn't have to define what type of action they are going to do prior to doing it. That's just silly. I'm so not understanding the point of this and I'm waiting for support to get back to me. I'd rather have that disabled for anyone that isn't a true sys admin...

  • There's 2 different things you *might* be talking about:

    In the event that 6.2 introduced a change to the scopes / roles that wasn't present on 6.1 - I can't say anything about it, because I'm waiting for hardware to arrive so I can do hardware + software upgrades on our Kaseya server.

    6.x introduction of Scopes / Roles, upgraded from 5.x:

    I've got a few roles:

    • Master - "God" mode, has access to everything.  Not to be used by anyone except on Kaseya administration.
    • Admin - Administrator access, used for "master" techs.  No access to critical system properties, less chance of royally making a mess of things.
    • Technician - Technicians, can manage computers, but not change things (Eg: Cannot install AV, Malware, Backup, but can configure the various settings)
    • Client Admin - Rights given to a client (In the event that a client has a tech, we're "the backup" and they have access to their systems - remote control, file manager, command prompt, regedit, ticketing, various auditing / reporting / scheduled procedures).
    • Client - Rights given to a client (Typically management personnel - ticketing, reporting, very little by way of actual administration)


    • Each client has their own scope - they only see their own systems / people under their scope, not anyone else's items.
  • Well yeah, I understand how you have it setup...but mine is more specific. This morning, I had to delete a lot of scopes because they were roles that showed up as both scopes and roles...because we had this implemented in version 5, everything was working great.

    See I have a lot of users that have specific things added to their weapons list (if you will). I have some help desk ppl that do things that other help desk do not do. Does that warrant them having to change their role every time they rename an agent, and then go back to their primary role? NO that is wasted time and confusing. Say I have a guy that I let do security stuff and agent moves on top of his standard role. See before, whatever added rights I gave him, he inherited. Great.

    The only way for me to make this work (1 role, 1 scope for each user), I have to create a single role for each user that has every specific thing he or she needs. This keeps bringing me back to the fact that it is a waste of time for anyone but a true sys admin to be able to switch their role and scope. Regular users do not need this at all. I have basic users that connect to one machine, administrators that have different levels of access, and master admins. I just wish the basic admins got everything they were assigned and used the VIEWS to alter what they want to see at any given time. This is how I had it working and I can fix the way it is, but it's really not as simple as it should be IMO.


    Added: I'm sure we all use Kaseya a little differently too, so I understand. In my company, we probably have 30 or so 'admins'. Say John Smith is helpdesk, but he also does backups and security. Shelly is helpdesk, but she does reports. Instead of being able to assign them what I called 'functions' (These were sets of rights I setup as machine groups or whatever in the old version). OK now I have a user Bob who is helping Shelly with help desk and reports, but now he is learning to do patching. Selecting a role for each thing you decide to do is crazy. I work in Master/Master. For me to give them one role, one scope, now I'll have to make an individual role for Shelly, Bob, and John....all user specific, instead of tying functions to their profile and being done with it. I already did this with some users today, to alleviate the first time login confusion (which helped greatly), but going forward- this is less productive from v5. Again, I think if you understand what I'm saying, I think it would be easier for everyone like this. Only people with Master/Admin should be able to change roles and scopes, for TROUBLESHOOTING, not for everyday use. I still love Kaseya, but this is a drawback in v6 for me.


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  • I just upgraded to 6.2 this morning and boy do I regret it.  It screwed up about 3/4 of my admin users to where they can no longer do anything in Service Desk and also Info center.  What it has done is changed the user name for them.  Before the update all user names were domain/user now the ones that are messed up are FQDN/user so before it was the short domain name and now it is the long domain name.  If I try to double click the user name I get an error, it also will not show any information for that user in the right pane.  If I select one of the user names that is still the short domain name it shows the info for that user just fine.  I am not sure if this has something to do with Directory Services have been added in the last couple of months since after using it to sync our domain most of our admin users ended up with 2 or 3 entries under the Org/staff.

    Of course this is not a priority for Kaseya Support either.  Basically their reply to me this morning when calling in for support was you can log into the system and the agents are updating so it is not a priority and screw you on trying to escalate it.  We will get to you when we feel like it.  I have been using Kaseya for many many years now and the 2 things I hate most about them are the sales people are always changing so I can never keep track of who my rep is and support sucks big time.  They have no sense of urgency, no respect for the people that have bought their product and are using it on a daily basis.  They take forever to get back to you on problems, they don't keep you updated on what is going on, they do not respond to ticket request for an update and they always try to give you some bogus solution to a problem without even thinking it through or seeing if it fixes the issue.  I think I could get better support from someone in Asia then I do from Kaseya.

  • We are having issues with KLC, one third or half of the machines give connection failed automatically.  The other machines work good.  We have a ticket in with support.